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Saturday, March 10, 2018 

Is Alanna Smith a "9-11 Truther"?

Bounding Into Comics did some searching that turned up tweets establishing that Marvel editor Alanna Smith was the one Jon Malin cited as the Big Two editor who'd attacked Donald Trump voters. But even more disturbing is the following she'd written:

Let's focus for starters on the first one. It echoes of the "inside job" conspiracy theories from people often called 9-11 Truthers. If that's the vision she's adopting...ick. Also, is she not worried her "Muslim friends" might turn against her LGBT friends? Islam is against homosexuality, so she'd do well to wake up.

Another point of interest:

She has relatives who voted for Trump too, and hates them for that? At this point, I feel sorry for her.

No less surprising is that 2 years ago, she actually complained about SJWs:

If that's how she feels, it's strange she'd speak out against them earlier, because surely they'd be the real problem, not artistic critics.

And if this is how she feels, one has to wonder why she's even working in comicdom. It should be a place for people who're happy, not people who aren't.

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Who "needed Obamacare to survive"? The indigent were already eligible for Medicaid.

And Smith is apparently not "scared" for the hard-working, tax-paying Americans who previously had the coverage they needed at a price that they could afford, but who now are paying higher rates for policies that do not provide adequate coverage.

Trump has been in office for over a year, and there is still no sign of the government trying to outlaw homosexuality, or of putting "people of color" in concentration camps.

Trump tried to compromise on DACA, offering amnesty for illegal immigrants who have been in the US, in exchange for a border wall and stopping the flow of new illegal immigration. He asked Congress to pass a law about it, since it was the jurisdiction of the legislative branch, not the executive. The Democrats refused. They want to blame Trump, not save DACA.

And Smith is "scared" for the Muslims and the LGBT community.

There have been reports of hate crimes against Muslims, but all have turned out to be hoaxes.

Meanwhile, an unarmed, innocent woman (and legal immigrant) was gunned down by a Muslim cop in Minneapolis. He was obviously unqualified to be a police officer, but the mayor wanted to fill the Muslim quota.

And the biggest hate crime against gay people in recent history was the mass murder in Orlando. The killer was a Muslim.

I don't see her saying that Americans were behind 9/11. She is making a broader point, that the kind of hate and evil that caused 9/11 was showing up in some of the more hateful messages of Trump supporters, and that the Trump campaign was energizing a lot of racist and neo-Nazi groups and movements. You can't say that Trump supporters were deplorables, but you can say the deplorables overwhelmingly supported Trump. (Steve Bannon divides Trump supporters into the 'hobbits' and the 'deplorables'.

Islamic doctrine is anti-gay; but then so is Orthodox Judaism and fundamentalist Christianity.

You won't find reports of hate crimes against Muslims on MSM sites like Fox News or Breitbart; don't mean it don't exist.

If there were widespread crimes against Muslims, they would be the top story every hour on CNN and MSNBC. That the hoaxes get publicized by the MSM is a sure sign that they can't find many legitimate cases to report.

And fundamentalist Christianity and Orthodox Judaism disapprove of homosexuality (and fornication in general), but they also preach against taking the law into one's own hands, and they say to leave punishment to God: "Vengeance is mine, I will repay, sayeth the Lord." Islam commands its followers to wage holy war, and to "kill the infidels (i.e., non-Muslims) wherever you find them." Big difference.

The FBI publishes annual statistics on US hate crimes. They show anti-Muslim hate crimes increasing in number. CNN's web site has a map or chart showing locations and dates; they number in the hundreds annually.

In Britain, the leaders of Britain First are in jail for hate crimes against Muslims. trump created an international incident when he retweeted some of their statements a few weeks ago. And does no-one remember the mass shooting at a Quebe City mosque early last year?

I don't know about the leave vengeance to the Lord stuff - the crusaders and the Spanish inquisitors seemed quite eager to kill infidel Muslims and Jews. Scripture has room for multiple interpretations.

Christianity and Judaism went through their violent periods, but both eventually outgrew it. Maybe Islam will, someday. But it hasn't yet.

And statistics on hate crimes are unreliable, given that the definitions are so broad and vague. And so many cases turn out to hoaxes or exaggerations.

In terms of actual racially motivated murders and assaults, there have been more hate crimes against Jews in the past 15 years than against all other ethnic groups combined.

CNN and Huffington Post charts on hate crimes are based on unverified claims, not on cases that had actually been investigated. Once again, a lot of them were hoaxes.

The media reported a 5% increase in hate crimes in 2016, and implied that Trump was encouraging attacks on POC.

It turned out that the increase was due to murders and assaults in which the victims were targeted for being white.

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