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Friday, March 02, 2018 

Nick Spencer's appointment to write Spider-Man proves C.B. Cebulski's rise to Marvel EIC was not a triumph

Further proof Marvel's hanging onto many of the contributors they've had for several years already, as the man who offended Captain America fans with the Hydra illogic publicity stunt has been given keys to Spider-Man:
Pitching the book was a little bit easier than expected according to Spencer. Much of it came out of a conversation, and Spencer came to realize he was working on the "book of [his] dreams." Spencer immediately had Ottley in mind when it came to finding a dance partner for the book as well.
Of course it was easy-peasy, because he's on the favored list with the staff overseen by Joe Quesada, rather than C.B. Cebulski. Indeed, that's exactly what everyone wondering where the problems begin must remember - Quesada began much of the disaster, so it shouldn't be any shock if he's got his hands in whatever's being brewed now, in this laughable shuffle-the-deck tactic.
"I think that a lot of what I'll be doing is reconnecting Peter with some very classic, quintessential elements of the story that fans and readers are going to recognize," Spencer added. "And it's exciting to bring the character back to basics and, at the same time, Dan [Slott] has obviously had one of the best runs on the character ever, and we're certainly going to honor the things that he's done and build from there."
One more reason why it's best to stay away from the incoming mess. The elements of his run are obviously going to remain in pseudo-continuity, not unlike Secret Empire and the Hydra Cap crap, which only makes it an embarrassment going "forward".
Naturally, we had to ask Nick about Spider-Man's extensive supporting cast. After all, what is Spider-Man without the ones around him? Spencer has got it all covered.

"When you get excited to write Spider-Man, it's because you're also excited to write Jonah and Aunt May and MJ and Black Cat," he admitted. "You know, just there's so many incredible characters in this orbit, so getting to play with that cast, getting to make them a big part of our story is key. And I can say pretty much all of your favorites will be making an appearance at some point."
A strong hint the Spider-marriage is entirely likely to be left out of the no longer existent canon. Don't be shocked if Mary Jane's portrayal will continue to be tasteless.

While we're on the subject, I also noticed Screen Rant announcing Black Panther adversary Erik Killmonger's origins will be rebooted, and it says:
Though Marvel has had issues with its cinematic antagonists in the past, they’ve been stepping things up lately. Killmonger joins Vulture as one of the MCU’s more fleshed out rogues. And though Killmonger’s motives are wrong, the ideas at the heart of his attempted coup aren’t so different than what Nakia wants: a Wakanda that’s open to the world. Though Killmonger’s origin was changed from the comics a bit, the movie still pays homage to his key traits. But now, things look to be headed in an altogether different direction on the comics front.
Now doesn't this look fishy. It sounds like they're implying what Killmonger wants is an open democracy (which would make T'Challa look like the baddie), and if Ta-Nehisi Coates is still helming BP, then with his politics, there's every chance the leftist metaphors could still prevail, much like the rest of Marvel's untalented writing staff are, Spencer included. Obviously, Christopher Priest, who was better and less controversial, is no longer considered a kosher choice for the closed circle now running the company.

With so many divisive figures like Spencer and Coates serving as writers for Marvel now, it's no wonder this "Fresh Start" is already beginning to look stale.

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