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Sunday, May 06, 2018 

Conway's sad contempt for fans continues

Gerry Conway recently insulted the people who like what he developed in the past:

Geez...his nasty rejection is devastating to no end, even though it's not exactly new. Somebody thought to ask him the following question:

An excellent question, of course, one he doesn't seem to have answered so far. On a similar note, does he think Ms. Marvel's denigration into "carl manvers" is appropriate? Dismayingly enough, he's already sent suggestions that he's rejected much of his earlier resume in comics, as his main comment further suggests. What person who prides their past writings would truly want even dissenters to destroy them? It's stuff like this from Conway's big mouth that's cheapening his famous Gwen Stacy tale from 1973, and one day we'll probably find out he was much more approving of getting rid of her than we think. It's certainly what he's implying today. As I may have noted before, it doesn't sound like he's fond of the Punisher, whom he co-created with Ross Andru, either. In a way, this is a good thing, because it makes it easier to separate the art from artist, knowing Conway's had no faith in his past work for who knows how long, and just consider it the work of the illustrators he'd worked with like Andru, Dave Cockrum and Wally Wood. The kind of people he hasn't exactly been giving his support to for a long time.

There's also some political drivel he's written to look over:

Sigh. He sticks with a one-dimensional view that all Democrats = good, and all Republicans = bad. But the reality is the Dems are becoming all they supposedly loathe. And they've demonstrated terrible weaknesses on serious issues too. But Conway, alas, lives in a bubble and clearly did so for a long time, and years later, it's clear he lost his understandings with the real world long ago. These are more examples of a guy who was once considered a good writer abandoning the ability to admire him by wallowing in dismal leftism at the expense of anything that's good. Very, very sad.

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Conway's claim that Democrats represent "all Americans" is ridiculous. They represent certain groups: illegal immigrants, welfare recipients, terrorists, and criminals. They dismiss honest, working class, tax-paying Americans as "deplorable" and "irredeemable." And they dismiss the Rust Belt as Flyover Country.

Hillary Clinton recently said that she won more votes in the "more dynamic" parts of the country. By which she means gated communities on the coasts, whose residents have never worked a day in their lives. People who advocate open borders and "bridges, not walls," while surrounded by walls and armed guards.

Unfortunately for Clinton, the election was to decide the next President of the United States. President of the entire country, not just Westchester NY and Los Angeles County CA.

To be fair to Conway, his claim was that oncea Democrat gets elected President, he then knows he has to represent the entire country, not just the people in his own party. He did not say that the Democratic party represents all Americans.

Conway said that Democrats think the president's job is to represent the interests of all Americans.

Obama cut veterans' benefits, then spent the money on benefits for illegal immigrants. He gave $1.7 billion to Iran. His AG responded to the San Bernardino massacre by threatening to "take action" against anyone who criticized Islam. He had more meetings with CAIR than with members of Congress.

Clinton dismissed working class taxpayers as "deplorable." She ignored the midwest, and concentrated her campaign in the "dynamic" areas inhabited by over-paid movie stars and trust fund babies.

Democrat presidents, and candidates, obviously are interested only in their own party, and are contemptuous toward "all Americans."

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