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Wednesday, May 30, 2018 

Several tweets by Fabian Nicieza

The former writer for the X-Men in the mid-90s has quite a political side to himself, some of which he put on display in his Twitter feed, including the following, written when Donald Trump was visiting first lady Melania in a hospital:

Sigh. That's not being very respectful to the lady, IMO. Trump checking in on his wife is something admirable, and Nicieza apparently sees it negatively. And what did Nicieza say about the Russia/money laundering probes?

Well it certainly isn't Nicieza's, if that's how he's going to act. He's no better than Maxine Waters. He even followed up on a cynical comment by Ron Marz about the poorly animated Thundercats remake:

Well in that case, I guess he'd best not write comics anymore, because they're not aimed at him either! Or, how come he doesn't want them to appeal to children, no matter how they're drawn? Another bozo who can't decide how comics and cartoons should be marketed on the whole. And back to Fabian's political side, he said the following about Trump's comments on NFL players still making themselves look bad by kneeling deliberately during the national anthem:

Which sounds to me an awful lot like an anti-war statement, to say nothing of a suggestion he's hostile to the US military.

But does he approve of former Dark Horse editor Scott Allie, whom she did, despite his sordid record? She only made things worse by glossing over the whole case, even after he was dismissed by Image. All that aside, who cares about the Star Wars franchise at this point after producers like Kathleen Kennedy and J.J Abrams ruined it with all their SJW-pandering? What's the use? The whole franchise has been damaged considerably at this point, and the Solo: A Star Wars Story prequel chronicling the beginnings of Han Solo and Chewbacca took in far less at the box office than most other entries. If they want to end it on a good note, they'd better start doing clearer thinking about screenplay planning.

So in other words, Nicieza's fine with posing for the sake of publicity stunts at the football stadiums? Uh huh, we get it. Then, when Trump asked who's going to give back the lives of anybody devastated by the Russian Collision Witch Hunt, Fabian says:

Sigh. Poor man, not willing to believe that the MSM could be overtaken by evil. And when Trump asks why Obama didn't do anything about the alleged meddling of Russians, Nicieza said:

It's so hard to figure out what Nicieza's got against Trump apart from his being a Republican politician today. He may have once had a few stories in his resume that were readable enough, but too few, and if there's any X-Men story he wrote for that I don't want to invest in, it's Age of Apocalypse. Because who needs such a superfluous exercise in event-marketing?

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Did Nicieza complain when Obama took more vacations, and played more golf games, in his first four-year term than Bush did in eight years?

And the Russia probe continues to either come up empty-handed, or to find evidence of malfeasance and corruption by Democrats.

Nicieza was not saying that the Thundercats show should be written by 8 year olds; he was saying tht it should be written with 8 year olds in mind. That means catering to the taste of kid's today, not the grown-up former fans of the old series.

I don't think Nicieza was being hostile to the US military (although I hope that he is anti-war - I would hate to think that any thinking being is pro-war). He was being hostile to people who use spurious excuses - like bone spurs - to avoid military service, and then loudly attack the patriotism of others.

It is so easy, once you start thinking of the mainstream media - the Times, WSJ, Fox, NBC et al - as evil, and that football players are kneeling for publicity rather than principle. It means you don't have to think any more, because it has become so much easier to dismiss the opinions and facts of anybody you disagree with without having to think about them.

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