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Friday, May 18, 2018 

West Coast Avengers title relaunched, only to serve as a vehicle for already failed characters

The Hollywood Reporter's announced that the West Coast Avengers series is being revived, only to serve as a rather obvious "refuge" for at least a few characters whose previous books were disasters of the social justice variety:
The new miniseries will be written by Hawkeye’s Kelly Thompson, with art by Stefano Caselli, and sees the titular star of the earlier series — Kate Bishop, teenage superhero turned Los Angeles-based private eye — gather a team of fan-favorite younger characters together for a very simple purpose: Keep L.A. in one piece.
But who do these "fan-favorites" include? Let's see:
Other members of the team include X-Men supporting character Quentin Quire, fourth-wall-breaking Gwenpool, dimension-hopping superstar America Chavez…and Bishop’s non-powered boyfriend Johnny, who might find that the superhero life isn’t what he expected. Clint Barton, the original Hawkeye, will also be a player in the series, with Thompson teasing that he “doesn’t want to admit how much it’s fun for him to mentor” the younger heroes.
Ah, now America Chavez is one character who was built on grounds for social justice pandering. And if they've turned Bishop from X-Men gay all of a sudden as they did with Iceman, that amounts to said pandering too. In this posting from Marvel's website, Thompson says:
But with every super group is a wild card, and according to Thompson, that wild card is America Chavez:

“I think America is the biggest question mark, and I think that’s something we’re excited to explore: Why does she come back to LA? Why does she come back to be with Kate? Does she miss [the group dynamic] too? Because America, she likes to play things a little close to the vest.”
Simply put, she comes back to LA in the book because Marvel under Cebulski has reached a point where they don't have the courage to just quietly drop these SJW creations and admit they were poorly crafted to begin with, and nobody's interested in reading these stories because it's painfully obvious by now they're not worth the paper they're printed on. Marvel may be "excited", but how many readers are? If the previous books didn't sell big, then there's very little chance any more will care.

As it stands, Marvel's still proving itself a joke, acting as though these recent SJW ideas must stay in print, when here, the New Universe titles of the late 80s like Star Brand, DP-7, Kickers Incorporated and Nightmask now largely stand forgotten and nobody's clamoring they be brought back and kept in print at all costs. If this is the mentality we've reached in regards to how failed products are handled today, something is definitely wrong with the industry.

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America Chavez’ book lasted more issues than the Incredible Hulk’s first series. Gwenpool’s book lasted longer than the Silver Surfer’s first series, and for more issues than the Black Panther’s first solo strip in Jungle Action. Still, Marvel kept all those old failed ‘60s products alive by guest starring them in other books, and by giving each of them second or third chances. It seems to have worked for them.

I would very much like to see Nightmask back in print; it was a good series, with good writing and artwork. Starbrand seems to have become integrated into the current version of the Marvel megaverse, at least for this week.

Old characters never die - even if they are not profitable, the publisher still needs to periodically make use of them to keep the copyright.

Why is it important that they keep the copyright of characters that are not very popular or don't make them any money in a given market? It's bad business. All this focus on failed ideas prevents them from taking chances with new ideas.

You must be a transplant from the Comics Beat, where everyone defends all the bad business practices of the American comics industry, and declare war on the good ones, such as consumer choice, freedom of speech, etc. They like the comics industry as being insular, rife with favoritism.

The Hulk is one of those properties that needs to be let go into public domain. He wasn't that popular, aside from Peter David's run, which did not turn it into successful movie by Hollywood. If multiple movies starring the Hulk as a a lead don't do well, perhaps, it's time to stop publishing Hulk comics for the sake of holding on to a copyright, especially if the manbun-wearing hipsters/sjws who populate places like Marvel aren't talented enough to do anything that might resonate with enough people to make the Hulk profitable.

How quickly they forget! I guess no one remembers Bill Bixby and Lou Ferrigno. Or Stan Lee; the Hulk did manage to sell the odd copy or two when he and Trimpe were working on it.

Wrong "Bishop" Avi Green. Johnny is the boyfriend of KATE Bishop, remember her? Hawkeye's successor in that Lame-O Young Avengers series? Was a co-star with the original Hawkeye in that stupid comic written by Fraction?

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