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Thursday, June 14, 2018 

Marvel's resurrecting 2 failed SJW titles, even though they're still unlikely to succeed

If you're looking for a bewildering case that defies logic, it appears Marvel's not done with their SJW-catering yet:
Marvel Entertainment on Wednesday announced the surprise return of two recently cancelled comic book series, both of which bring some much-needed diversity to its superhero lineup at a time when other titles are returning to predominantly white, straight, male leads.

Both The Unstoppable Wasp and Iceman will return to store shelves this fall, with the original writers of the titles — Jeremy Whitley and Sina Grace, respectively — returning for the new series. In terms of art, Gwenpool art team Gurihiru will illustrate Wasp, with Iceman’s new series gaining Nate Stockman on art.
Both were financial failures the first time round, as nobody cared about either one - certainly not the solo book turning Iceman homosexual - so why do they think it'll work this time? The Iceman series is actually the more troublesome, because it's clear they haven't abandoned the idea of turning Bobby Drake homosexual when he was never created that way by Lee/Kirby, and nobody asked he be changed, though I'm sure many would be happy if he were turned back to the version we once knew. Alas, it's clear the SJW mentality is just too precious to Marvel's joke of a staff, and C.B. Cebulski's pretty much proven he's not fit for the job.
Wasp, which starred Nadia Van Dyne, daughter of original Ant-Man Hank Pym, ran for eight issues in 2017, while Iceman launched in late 2017 and lasted 11 issues before ending earlier this year. In terms of print editions within the North American market — the only publicly released information about comic book orders — both series were performing poorly at the time of their final issues, with Iceman estimated at just over 10,000 copies ordered by stores and just under 7,000 copies ordered for Wasp.

It’s worth noting that these numbers don’t reflect final sell-through to customers, nor include digital sales; it is possible that both titles were outselling their print orders digitally, as is anecdotally the case with other comic titles from Marvel and other publishers.
I'm sorry, but without clear digital numbers, there's no defense for this farce. And, why whine about the oh-so desperate need for diversity if nobody wanted these books due to their social justice agendas, dreary storytelling and tedious artwork? They're always trying to justify everything by hiding behind alleged digital sales, but if the story's poor, why should anybody pay to access the PDFs containing the stories online? It doesn't compute.

And this pretty much proves C.B. Cebulski's not fit for the job he has now. It's a reasonable guess he's doing this to appease the people who want to rake him over the coals for his use of a Japanese pseudonym. But all he's doing is demonstrating his lack of courage to lead as an editor, and Joe Quesada's presence as a chief creative officer undoubtably has influence over his steps to boot. Well, if they want to bring down a once fine publisher for the sake of an audience that isn't there, I guess it's their loss. I realized there was little chance Cebulski would be the good news we hoped for, and if he's going to waste valuable resources on losing formulas, then he's only ensured why he won't be remembered fondly in history.

Update: artist Jon Malin had the following to say regarding their direction:

I have no doubt "intentionally" is exactly the problem with Marvel - wasting so much money for the sake of shelf space they don't deserve, when much of it could've been put to better use in hiring new talent and editors. And that's what really makes this whole matter so atrocious.

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