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Thursday, July 05, 2018 

John Layman attacks Trump supporters while promoting his new Image book

The artist/writer of Chew has let his crude left-wing biases come to the fore in an interview with Adventures in Poor Taste (via Bounding Into Comics), where he villifies Trump supporters after stating his and Nick Pitarra's new book Leviathan isn't meant to be overtly political. The interview says at the start:
AiPT!: How would you describe Leviathan?

JL: Over-the-top action/insanity. Comics turned up to 11. Comics that grab you by the throat and don’t let go.

NP: A giant monster is conjured up from the depths of hell, and the first thing it decides to do is kill millennials!
This sounds like it's a metaphor for a conservative figure attacking liberals who call themselves millennials. So there could be more than meets the eye here. And then, Layman/Pitarra say:
AiPT!: Leviathan is fun, but there are scenes dealing with the current administration and the media. Were these intended to convey a deeper meaning or were they “what you see is what you get” moments meant solely for humor?

JL: Well, it’s not overtly political, but if a monster attacked a city in the U.S., the president would certainly have to deal with it, so we’re kinda obligated to include the president, whoever the president is. I don’t intend to get too political in the book, because I don’t want to insult any racist, brain-dead, knuckle-dragging, lead-paint-drinking, Trump-supporting mongoloids who may want to read this book.

NP: I don’t believe that voting for your party’s candidate means you hold the worst parts of said candidate’s character as high-water marks of your own. I believe that thinking is a byproduct of the limitations of the two-party system. I added in a ton of jokes in the art on that Trump page you mentioned (the clock where he’s holding a cat, his own memorabilia decorating his room, the big sexy painting) — my hope is that they read positive for each reader’s own personal opinions, if you hate Trump then we’re making fun, if you love him then you have a cool over the top version of him running around in our comic.
I looked at a panel provided at AIPT, and it shows what appears to be a near-naked Donald Trump in a wall painting, while Trump naps in a bed underneath it with a teddy bear wearing a MAGA cap. It goes without saying the portrait on the wall is crude, and unsurprisingly insulting. So what else could it be but an insult, plain and simple? Pitarra may not be quite as bad as Layman's acting, but he's still disappointing nevertheless.

And for somebody who says it's not overtly political and doesn't want to insult Trump supporters, Layman's doing exactly the opposite, even going so far as to insult Mongolians, from what I can tell. So what's his point? All he's doing is disgusting the senses. He even said on Twitter:

And avoid politics in your own interviews and other commentary if you don't want to alienate any of the audience, not even liberals. On which note, interestingly enough, even the awful Kieran Shiach took issue with him, and there were at least a few more leftists who found his vitriol a turnoff:

Seems that in all his attempt to cater to other leftists, he screwed up big time and wound up pleasing no one. Another sad case of a leftist who doesn't know his own strength in words, and whose books don't sound very interesting either. And that can pretty much sum the state of Image these days.

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It's nice SJWs are so politically incontinent. Self identifying as an overly self esteemed h8er makes comics selection just that much easier for the customers. It's often the case these days that creators of limited talent use their emotional immaturity to underwrite story telling in order to make something with some kind of substance. Unfortunately their work only appeals to half (or less) of the audience and tends to be very "throwaway" shallow.

I swear to God! For the past 8 years every time I like a book, some leftist commie has to come out and tick me off! I had to drop so many Marvel titles off my pull list, I am down to only Spider-Man and Fantastic Four and now with Nick Spencer on ASM and Dan Slott on FF, I am not sure what to do with these. Can someone please tell me what to do?? What about DC comics, are most of these titles safe now from the leftist agenda?

It's easy. Just read the comic, and forget about the twitter feed. Focus on the story, not the chatter on the internet. Treat the writer's politics like the way you treat what he does in his bedroom: it is his own business until it starts to color the story.

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