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Saturday, July 07, 2018 

SDCC being taken over by feminism?

Depending on the elements involved, that's not necessarily a good thing, even if in the past, they did have problems with sexual harassment. The San Diego Union Tribune had the following about the ComiCon in the post-MeToo era:
Take the recent case of longtime “nerd king,” TV host and Comic-Con favorite Chris Hardwick.

Late last week, actress Chloe Dykstra posted an online account of an emotionally abusive relationship with an unnamed man who closely resembled Hardwick, whom she dated for several years. Hardwick has denied all of the accusations made against him, but the pop-culture Powers That Be reacted with turbo-charged speed anyway.
If he's guilty, then of course they should boot him out. But if he's innocent, then they've made the error of not running a proper investigation to determine if the lady was being truthful or not. And if she lied and didn't even go to the police to report any potentially abusive behavior he may have committed, then that's just plain wrong.

Of course, realizing there was some abusive behavior going on at these kind of conventions in the past, this is surely what happens when decades of inaction continued without proper handling, so the SDCC staff would have to shoulder much of the blame leading to the modern staff's panicking and wanting to prove they're actually doing their job.
If you have ever attended Comic-Con, then you know that the perception of the convention as the epicenter of white fan-boy culture is not the reality. Comic-Con attendees come in all sizes, ages and colors. And a huge portion of these fans are fan girls and fan women.

They come to Comic-Con to celebrate kick-butt stars like Charlize Theron in “Atomic Blonde.” They come to hear from female directors, editors and production designers. They come to hear from women who are bringing feminism to film, television and comic books.
For heaven's sake, if it's feminism - or more to the point, modern leftist feminism - they're bringing about, which seems to be of an Orwellian anti-sex variation, then I'm sorry, but it's not good tidings at all, and is practically the next step that ruined a lot of comicdom. The kind of monstrosities that destroyed Carol Danvers/Ms. Marvel as a character, led to tons of bad artwork and storytelling at Marvel, and is decidedly just as guilty as Joe Quesada of getting Mary Jane Watson banished as Spider-Man's wife. I don't think the SDCC's going to work out well with that kind of propaganda clogging up the show.

Interestingly, in the comments section, somebody posted the following and provided some links:
If Comic-Con wants to be a #MeToo superhero, they can start by questioning why the San Diego Convention Center is run by Gil Cabrera, a man who was instrumental in covering up physical and sexual abuse of children at the San Diego Junior Theatre.

San Diego Reader.
Union Tribune.
Union Tribune.
If this has any factual bearing, SDCC still has a rotten apple running the show who's guilty of cover-ups, and I'm not sure that's the kind of person who deserves to work as the convention's director. Maybe they should consider booting him out as well as the other offenders they've spoken about?

All that aside, the SDCC decidedly lost significance long ago, as they marginalized comics in favor of all the movies, music and computer games now dominating the majority of the displays there, so what's the use of holding it up as a great place to go for comics?

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We would be interested in knowing how you see feminism being co-responsible for the decision by the publishers to undo Peter and Mary-Jane's marriage.

The answer is rather simple: have the feminists ever seriously protested One More Day, or campaigned to have the Spider-marriage restored? Not from what I can tell.

There is a certain logic to that answer; it is a bit like the saying about how all it takes for evil to triumph is for good women to do nothing. On the other hand, by the same logic, the Pope, Justin Bieber, Donald Trump, Tom Cruise and Bill Clinton are also equally co-responsible for the decision to undo the marriage, since none of them seriously protested One More Day either.

More importantly, no-one had any opportunity to protest the decision by the publishers until after it was made. Their failure to protest cannot be responsible for a decision that they did not know about until after it was a fait accompli.

"the SDCC staff would have to shoulder much of the blame leading to the modern staff's panicking and wanting to prove they're actually doing their job."

The SDCC staff were not the ones who kept Hardwick out. It was the AMC network who decided to remove him from their panels at the Con.

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