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Sunday, July 22, 2018 

Several tiresome tweets by Kurt Busiek

Busiek's biases are getting the better of him again, as evidenced by the following:

Maybe so, but Trump still hired many of them, so quit complaining, Kurt. It does no good. Neither, in fact, does cursing so vilely.

It's assumed he's talking about graphic novelist Richard Meyer's videos? I'm not sure, but he certainly doesn't have much respect for critics, does he?

And if he's taking Vice's reporting on the topic at face value...yawn. Breitbart's coverage of the electoral fraud case is better:
The number of convictions against voter fraud continues to rise, with now nearly 940 criminal convictions on the books across the U.S., according to the latest data from the Heritage Foundation.

Likewise, the number of cases of voter fraud has risen. Heritage’s Voter Fraud Database now features 1,071 cases of voter fraud that spans across 47 states.
Needless to say if Busiek only sees the GOP as a scapegoat, then he's not altruistic.

A better query would be why the leftists in comicdom do? To the point where they'd selfishly hijack characters they didn't create. Did that ever occur to him? Nah, of course not.

Here we go again with the Gamergate scapegoating. I've seen some propagandists blame such sources for everything that frustrates them, and it doesn't impress me one bit.

Here we go. Now he takes the time to write more anti-Comicsgate swipes, and it's probably inevitable at this point we have to wonder if he's still proud of his work on Avengers, Iron Man and even Thunderbolts.

Wait a minute. Does he mean the comic by Canadian cartoonist Dave Sim? The guy who wrote disturbing screeds offensive to women? Sigh. Having once found excerpts from the early story Sim wrote featuring Red Sophia, apparently an insult to Red Sonja, I can only say it's pretty apparent his prejudices turned up early on, and I think Cerebus is best forgotten.

Now he's certainly attacking Meyer, despite the fact Meyer once spoke positively of his Avengers run. I guess it's because that same run featured a few elements predicting what the future would hold in real life. What it didn't predict, however, was that Busiek would basically disown his best work, and today clearly lacks faith or confidence in his past resume. It's always a terrible shame when folks who turned out great writing in the past bewilderingly disown it years later.

We never thought he was in favor of Comicsgate, and he's long proven it, in effect disowning a lot of his previous work, IMO. In addition, it's very sad he clearly doesn't give a damn Carol Danvers was one of the biggest victims of Marvel's social justice mangling. The denigration of her character design is simply horrifying.

Now he's trying to play victimologist again, and come up with straw-man arguments to boot. He then goes on to attack the government over the meeting with Russia's premier, Vladimir Putin:

They do know, but it's often classified, so look for a better topic to whine about, please. And if you really, truly have such a problem with somebody like Meyer, then remain oblivious to him. Mark Waid already unwittingly ended up helping him more than hurting, and Kurt would do well to learn from that huge mistake. He'd also do well to let go of politics and just concentrate on writing comics, because he's only dampened his reputation already. But alas, it doesn't look like he'll do so, and recalling that he's done little or no work at the Big Two for several years already, if at all, I think his inability to defend his past work there just demonstrates why his career there may be washed up. I certainly don't think, with this kind of attitude, he'd be suited to write their comics again.

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Can you explain what you mean when you say he has "basically" disowned his previous work? The post seems to say that not being in favour of "Comicsgate" means that he is also against his own work. Has he ever actually said anything against his own work (other than the standard artist's criticism of how they are always improving?)

The U S government really doesn't seem to know what Trump and Putin discussed at the meeting. See for example:

This is a really unusual situation, to say the least.

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