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Monday, August 27, 2018 

9 tweets by J.T. Krul

Here's a few more tweets written by Krul, who wrote one of the worst takes on Green Arrow and Speedy/Arsenal when he was working for DC in the late 2000s. For example, one written in reply to and agreement with Tony Bedard, which means we can comment on him simultaneously:

Maybe, but they sure didn't go miles out of their way to declare everybody who dared support conservatism and Republicans as pure evil, and convict them over a Thoughtcrime. Too bad Bedard's also succumbing to this naive view of consumers' wishes for better quality and less desecration of famous creations in mainstream superhero worlds, not to mention the continuity that was destroyed by the early 2000s. I don't know what exactly went on involving this Cooke - supposedly she was mad that somebody used a video of her late husband Darwyn as proof he didn't approve of the social justice engineering prevalent today - but I do know the way she and others may have gone about it was surprisingly crude and exploitative, and did little to mend the wedge being driven between audience and creators. If anything, it's shameful how SJWs exploited her for their disgraceful positions. (Update: Bounding Into Comics has more.)

Now, look at this head-shaker:

So the GOP doesn't want anybody to vote...for their candidates?!? If I were running for their party, I'd want people to vote for me, and that includes the Black/Latino/Asian community too. What I could probably do is say, "I want and will be happy if you'll vote for me, and hope you'll find what to appreciate in my platform." And that's probably one of the best ways to ask if anybody round the USA would vote for a GOP candidate. I think Krul's the one who doesn't want anybody to vote. And maybe, based on the prior tweet, he doesn't want anybody to read his current work at Aspen either?

Now, here's something where Krul appears to have fallen for a hoax:

What possesses children to tell bizarre lies? Because it turns out the allegations were false:
A group of young children fabricated the story of a white man in Michigan accused of urinating on and verbally abusing a five-year-old black girl with racial slurs, police said.

The Kent County Prosecutor’s Office announced Friday they would be dropping charges against a 60-year-old Grand Rapids man accused of the crime when they discovered the children, who were seven-years-old or younger, had made up the tale.

Parents of the children told prosecutors their children “concocted the story to avoid trouble,”
prosecutors said.

“We appreciate the conscientiousness of the parents in bringing the matter to the attention of the police, and continuing to ask their children questions as new evidence was obtained,” prosecutors said.
So even the parents of these children confirmed the story was all a whole sick attempt to humiliate an innocent man. It sounds vaguely like the Tawana Brawley case from 1989, doesn't it? I still haven't seen any change of direction from Krul on the matter yet, hmm. He also made a nasty comment about Trump's family:

Because moonbats like Krul want it to be! Wishing for something to celebrate, which, in their twisted visions, would be a whole family feud among the Trumps, sigh. And still no appreciation for the fact his family, as much as the POTUS himself, saw to it the US embassy would be moved to Jerusalem, huh? Sad.

And liberals, alas, can't handle it. The worst would have to be the Trutherists who came about post-911, and no doubt, there's still some out there today.

Doesn't the Democrat party care about winning at all costs, to the point they want to legalize voting by illegal immigrants? Anyway, I guess the reason Krul appreciates the late senator McCain, other than the fact he wasn't elected POTUS, is because he represented poor policies, and he did sadly oppose Trump's efforts to reverse Obamacare, what with its socialist structure and all that.

So he's still taken a liking as before to that dreadfully pretentious "neo-con", Bill Kristol, has he? Which figures, because Kristol has, unfortunately, proven himself insufficiently qualified to speak on behalf of the conservative movement, and was a leading member of the Never-Trump crowd.

And, it gets worse:

No, because the cast and crew of GotG made total asses of themselves apologizing for a vile, shoddy excuse for a human being like James Gunn. Production of a third entry's been put on hold, but maybe it should be shelved altogether, because what David Bautista and company did was a PR disaster waiting to happen. It would be bad enough if Gunn were rehired, but if the apologists on the project continue their conduct, they could come under scrutiny too by the time the third movie is ready for screening.

Lastly, for now:

Then are they for right-wingers as much as left-wingers? I'd like to think his positive view of the late John McCain proves this, but there's still a lot more young master Krul will have to do to prove he's not going along with some knee-jerk attack on Comicsgate for wanting better quality in mainstream comics writing. Hey, if his Aspen work meets this request - which is far more than can be said of his work at the Big Two - then that's why he'd do better to let go of the crappy rants and just let Comicsgate continue to demand better writing and illustrations at DC/Marvel, and not continue employing all those awful nutcases who make him seem tame by comparison. Also, if he really has a problem with the racism and misogyny in criticism, as he so eloquently puts it, does he have a problem with the same in scriptwriting itself? Again, this is where I remind of two leading atrocities that made me walk away from the Big Two in the past dozen years or so - Identity Crisis and Avengers: Disassembled. In fact, does he have a problem with them when embodied by the recently convicted Gerard Jones? "Criticism" sounds pretty fishy too, so we can guess what his not-so-clever disguise was intended for. I noticed that the 9th tweet consists of text that's been copied from one creator's page to the next by at least a handful, so Krul's not exactly being original here.

And in addition to that, if he really wants people to check out the Aspen creations he's currently writing, he may want to consider that if he keeps this up, it'll be hard for some to separate art and artist, so he might want to quiet himself down for a change.

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It would be really sweet if the Republican Party really was eager to get out the vote from all quarters and let the chips fall where they may. Unfortunately, attempts to suppress the vote in areas where demographics and polling suggest the vote is heavily democratic have been a major feature of the political calculus for decades, giving rise to legislation, and numerous court cases. Witness the recent court ordered redrawing of the electoral maps in some states. Republicans are not as naive or bunnyish as you would like to think; they are calculating politicians.

" Republicans are not as naive or bunnyish as you would like to think; they are calculating politicians."

So, are progressives. Progressives are only interested in engaging people who they think will vote for them. When Progressives try to get out the vote, they try to engage poor black
ex-cons, non U.S. citizens, and generally people who have grievances against Old White Men.

And yet, don't black men who have served their time have every bit as much right to vote as white excons, and don't people with grievances against old white men have every bit as much right to vote as the old white geezers? As long as they are citizens, getting out their vote is a legitimate and proper thing to do - unlike calculated voter suppression and gerrymandering, which is undemocratic.

The current prexy has sometimes claimed that non-citizens voted against him in the election. This is because it sits in his craw that, according to the tallies, he did not get a majority of the votes cast. There has never been any facts to back up this claim, and his commission for proving it only proved an embarassment to him.

Trump won 30 out of 50 states. He lost in a few leftist enclaves like Detroit (where the number of votes cast exceeded the number of registered voters), Chicago (where a lot of dead people voted for Clinton), and California (where a voter at the polls does not have to show the same ID that he would need to buy a can of beer).

Without the electoral college, a few metropolitan areas would control the result of a nation-wide election. Which is exactly what the Democrats want.

But Trump, unlike Clinton, understood that the election was for President of the United States. Not just for president of Chicago, Detroit, New York City, and Los Angeles County.

You're behind the times. Progressives currently don't believe that marginalized groups have every right to vote as old white geezers.

They believe that ONLY marginalized groups can have the right to vote. Others have privileges that they believe should be taken away. When a blk ex-con votes he is fighting for his future. When an old white geezer votes it's only to hurt the blk ex-con, in their opinion.

The New York Times' decision to stand by Sarah Jeong's anti-white Twitter posts says all that needs to be said about the Progressive view on equality.

"The current prexy has sometimes claimed that non-citizens voted against him in the election. This is because it sits in his craw that, according to the tallies, he did not get a majority of the votes cast. There has never been any facts to back up this claim,"

It's not just the current President, it's all sorts of people who are on the Right.
They believe this because of efforts in liberal enclaves for illegal immigrants to get driver's license's, gov IDs, and access to social welfare. Plus, all that anti-white (among other things) rhetoric that is coming daily from the Left.

Why would a government that is overwhelmingly Democrats who believe "the future is brown" would help lead to a impartial investigation about voter fraud? While we're on the topic on unsubstantiated claims, Trump has yet to be removed for illegally stealing the election with Russia's help.

I don't know what you're trying to achieve here but you're not convincing me that the Left is what you think it is. The Left is currently what you see on Everydayfeminism and The Root https://www.theroot.com(can't be pro black prosperity unless you are demonstrate contempt for whites).

"Trump won 30 out of 50 states. He lost in a few leftist enclaves like Detroit (where the number of votes cast exceeded the number of registered voters),"

The number of votes cast in Detroit was actually less than the number of registered voters. However, Detroit practice is to keep a poll book, recording the number of voters, as a cross-check against the machines that count the votes. In many districts there were small differences in the two records, and in many of those it showed slightly more voters in the poll book than ballots; in some other districts there were less. The discrepancies were for the most part minor, five votes or less in a given polling district, and seem to be attributed to either human error in keeping the poll records or jamming of the machines.

Detroit votes democratic, but calling it a leftist enclave is a light year over the top.

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