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Thursday, August 02, 2018 

Busiek defends artist Lee Weeks

If there's something surprisingly good Kurt Busiek's done of recent, it was to defend artist Lee Weeks, who came under attack by SJWs for supporting the Red Rooster Indiegogo project. Although he still expresses hostility towards the Comicsgate campaign. It first began with this particular tweeter:

In a manner of speaking, Lee may have already confirmed he's against Comicsgate, because he may have scaled back the proportions on the physiques of the ladies he's illustrated lately, in appeasement of the social justice mentality. Which just shows how he's not only a knee-jerker, but that he never believed in his skills either, if he really caved to leftist social justice.

Anyway, what was Busiek's response?

Well in that case, why all the hostility to Comicsgate, blocking of some supporters, and reprehensible attitude towards people like graphic novelist Richard Meyer? If you want a varied show of styles, then quit lending your support to people who take a negative, offensive view of women's sexuality to boot. Kurt's support for Weeks is admirable in itself, but so long as he continues his despising view of a campaign that was meant to help what he speaks of, he'll never be convincing or helpful enough for Weeks' cause. Also, the following has a worrisome mention:

Wait a minute. Isn't that the same Perez who got an account suspended on Twitter for posting horrific drivel that violated the rules and caused a PR embarrassment for Image? Very irresponsible of Kurt to cite him as an example of whom to support, IMO. We could sure do without such moral equivalence. And we could honestly do without the following too:

Correction: he won't march in any kick-out-the-talentless-but-entitled parade. Because if it's people like the Perezs, Sittersons and Vissagios we're talking about here, they're hardly what one could consider "talented". Distinctions should be made, along with consideration that Marvel/DC have become such gated communities, that no matter how talented and respectable even the newest writers could be, it makes it impossible for them to have an impact if they get an assignment to work on their characters and series. But this is Busiek talking, a guy who basically rejected his own work at Marvel/DC from better days.

His defense of Weeks is a positive step in itself, but IMO, his continued hostility towards anybody with a dissenting viewpoint deviating from the leftism he unfortunately wallows in spoils everything. It will be interesting to see, however, what the SJWs think of Busiek now that he's defended a guy whose view does differ from theirs. Some, you can be sure, will turn their backs on him and think it no longer a big deal that he's mostly washed up in the writing business for corporate-owned superheroes.

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"... and caused a PR embarrassment for Image"

You keep citing purported PR "disasters" and embarrassments, but none of these incidents ever seem to rise to that. You and a relative handful of others hitting the panic button every time someone like Ron Marz tweets doesn't equate to a disaster or an embarrassment for a publisher. I doubt it even registers on the radar.

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