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Thursday, August 30, 2018 

Fabian Nicieza is the latest of "creators" going into meltdown mode

One of the most overrated writers of the 90s added himself to the anti-Comicsgate crowd:

No, you don't have to, yet you do so anyway, whether under peer pressure or whatnot.

Unfortunately, they are not. Along the way into the expanding thread, the subject of artist Robbi Rodriguez sending pictures of his rear end to Ethan Van Sciver came up:

The last time I looked at Rodriguez's own page, there was a mature content warning shielding immediate access, and he may have erased a lot of the tweets that came before, including that nasty picture he sent.

Ironically, Tom King actually confirmed this in a manner of speaking, though his meaning was just as negative in its own way:

Umm, while Joe Shuster was originally from Canada, not all the founding members were immigrants per se. Some were naturalized citizens too.

And since the subject of harassment came up, I do wonder where Nicieza and such stand on the following figure:

If we don't pay attention to this basket case, it's because, simply put, he wants attention at all costs due to the fact he pretends to be a woman these days, all for the sake of privileges, and his writing just isn't that good either. In any event, how fascinating that people who complain about this all the time have no issue when it comes from their end of the spectrum. I noticed Gail Simone retweeting the above, and I think that confirms where her loyalties lie. Not good for the collapsing industry's reputation.

And now, as if it couldn't get bad enough, NY Vulture's Abraham Riesman is turning out another of his poorly researched items, and here's where the ignorance is particularly stupefying:
Other reporters have chronicled the origins and development of Comicsgate in great detail. There have been terrific pieces by Rachel Krishna at BuzzFeed, Asher Elbein at the Daily Beast, Melissa Morgue at Capeless Crusader, and Eric Francisco at Inverse, and they’re all well worth your time if you care about the current state of the comics ecosystem and/or online discourse in general. But a brief summary is in order.
He considers "Melissa Morgue" a valid source? Even after it turned out this was a man pretending to be a woman, and whose wife called Ethan Van Sciver asking if he'd help try to get the guy off his insanity? I think this says all we need to know about just how reliable Riesman and Vulture really are. At the end of the article, it even says:
So, where do we go from here? “ComicsGate Won’t Be Defeated by Well-Intentioned Tweets Alone,” reads the headline on an un-bylined editorial that Paste published on Monday. As the concluding paragraph puts it, “[N]ow it’s time for the most visible and secure voices in the industry to begin the hard work of listening to and uplifting those of us most at risk.” That’s absolutely true. But even support from publishers for marginalized communities won’t really be enough to stop Comicsgate and make the Comics Internet safer. I hate to end on a sour note, but I’m not sure what can put the genie back in the bottle. Surely, Marvel and DC and their smaller competitors should take a public stand and say bigotry and harassment should stop. But then what? Won’t that further embolden and harden the stances of the Comicsgaters, given that their whole rhetorical motivation comes from the fact that they think the industry caters to progressives? I fear that Comicsgate will operate like any supervillain in comics: No matter how many times you punch it, it’ll never stay dead. But that doesn’t mean the good guys get to stop fighting.
This sounds like a blatant hint calling for communist censorship from both Vulture and Paste, invalidating the whole concept of criticism much like the screwballs they're defending in the process. All from people who don't consider themselves the villains they really are, or think we're the heroes. Well Riesman can say what he likes, but it also doesn't change the fact he even sugarcoated Devin Faraci over a year ago to boot, and that alone is enough to understand where he's really coming from, and where he really stands. People like him are just why entertainment's lost ground today.

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" Umm, while Joe Shuster was originally from Canada, not all the founding members were immigrants per se. Some were naturalized citizens too."

There are several star comic artists who were refugees - Prohias, Lilly Renee, Marjam Satrapi, for example - and many others who were immigrants - Al Williamson, Neil Gaiman, Sergio Aragones, Alfredo Alcala, Bruno Premiani, Hal Foster, John Byrne, too many to list. But what you quote Tom King as saying is

"Created by the children of immigrants,[comics] is the medium of the outsider and the outcast, the nerd who won’t fit in."

Most of the founding stars were children of immigrants - Siegel and Shuster, Kane and Finger, Meyer and Nodell, Eisner, Simon, Lee and Kirby. King was being accurate about that.

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