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Friday, August 31, 2018 

The latest example of Marvel censorship: allusions to Mormon religion

The Hollywood Reporter announced Marvel is going to excise a reference to a book critical of the Mormon faith in the pages of Spider-Man:
After the discovery of visual references to the anti-Mormon book CES Letter in the most recent issue of the Amazing Spider-Man comic book, Marvel Entertainment and artist Ryan Ottley have revised the artwork that will appear in subsequent editions of the issue.

In issue No. 4, Ottley originally included an image of Spider-Man wearing a patch referencing CES Letter, a book written by ex-Mormon Jeremy Runnells in which he explores what he describes as the “troubling origins, history and practices” of his former faith. Future uses of the artwork, whether in digital release or reprinting, as well as collected editions, will feature revised artwork that removes the reference, as well as Ottley’s other original images and logos.

“The art reference in Amazing Spider-Man #4 was included without awareness by Marvel of its meaning," Marvel told The Hollywood Reporter in a statement. "As a policy, Marvel does not permit hidden controversial messages in its artwork. The reference will be removed from all subsequent printings, digital versions and trade paperbacks.”
If this were a case of the Islamic religion coming under even remote scrutiny, you can be sure they'd notice in a flash, and it's doubtful they didn't know anything about the content of Runnells' book. Or, how come they have no problem injecting anything critical of religions that aren't destructive like Mormonism, yet when it comes to the Religion of Peace, they absolutely won't allow criticism? The answer to that would have to lie partly in the sad dominance of Sana Amanat, the SJW who's among the faux-fans now running Marvel according to their own narrow whims. At least, when Ardian Syaf stealthed in his own vicious views, they had the decency to fire him, though it's clear they're still pro-Islam, no matter how much they try to conceal the clearer picture about the Religion of Peace. If it hadn't been for the discovery of his antics, chances are Marvel would still be allowing hidden messages of the most tasteless kind.

And look how we have another case of absurd modifications made for reprints in paperbacks, all because they evidently don't have proofreaders to take notes and consider whether a mistake was made, including their own continuing employment at Marvel. And assuming Ottley/Spencer have any issues with Mormonism, does that mean they have any problem with Battlestar Galactica, where the original series from 1978-79 used some lines drawing from the religion, and the newer remake from the 2000s might've too? Honestly, what's their beef with the Mormon faith that they don't have with Islam?

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It has nothing to do with Spencer. Ottley, a former LDS member, acknowledged in the very article you quote that he added the reference.

Marvel and DCs policy has been fairly consistent over the past 80 years; no derogatory references to anyone's religious faith. there have been stories that deal with it metaphorically, say by using a fictional religion in a science fiction fantasy, but no insults to real religions of any kind.

Speaking of religion, the first Muslim superhero known as Kismet is coming back in a new graphic novel, more details here:

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