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Wednesday, September 19, 2018 

An animator on the My Little Pony show was imprisoned for child porn storage

This is news from several weeks ago that I almost missed, that a Welsh-born animator living in Canada who worked on the My Little Pony cartoons was arrested and sentenced to prison for storing a huge stash of child pornography:
An Ottawa artist who helped animate children’s TV shows has been sentenced to 28 months in prison for possessing more than 60,000 images of child pornography and sharing them online.

Tom Wysom, 55, has worked on TV productions such as My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and Littlest Pet Shop
, according to the Internet Movie Database.

Wysom was sentenced earlier this month after pleading guilty to the charges in December, two months after police executed a search warrant at his home in Old Ottawa South.

Police found 60,165 pictures — many of them duplicates — along with 1,626 videos, some of which depicted adults engaging in sexual behaviours with children. In some of the images, young girls had their hands and feet bound.
What makes this disturbing is the possibility the scumbag could be a "brony", recalling there were these male followers of My Little Pony spoken about a number of years ago who came to be known as "bronies", and it suggests there could be perverts - and potential SJWs - infiltrating what I thought was a cartoon franchise aimed primarily at girls and soiling it with their grimy presence.

It's regrettable, however, to note that the man got a light sentence and the psychologist who checked him was letting him off the hook:
Dr. Gray told the court that Wysom was a low risk to re-offend or have sexual contact with children.

The judge said he had to sentence Wysom to a prison term — a sentence of two years or more — in order to sufficiently denounce his conduct and deter others from the same path.
It's much too lenient, which makes this even more angering. Anyone who commits the crime of storing videos that repulsive, where children were violated while bound, belongs in prison for far more time than what it sounds like the animator got, which only amounts to about 2 and a half years.

So now there's at least 4 known cases in the world of comics and animation, Justiniano, Gerard Jones, Nobuhiro Watsuki and now this Wysom creature, who've aided and abetted obscenities against humanity, yet didn't get enough jail time in their sentencing. When will the justice systems in any western country begin to understand that these creeps cannot be dealt with lightly? And now, a cartoon franchise is tainted with the fact that a slimebucket worked on the latest renditions of it. Those kind of people shouldn't be allowed to work in the animation industry.

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Anyone downloading or worse, sharing child porn should be punished and branded a sex offender. OTOH, the percentage of the Furry and it's offshoot Brony hobby who do so is very small, based on the number of pedo porn cases I've seen prosecuted over the years against same. I'd say less than one percent, probably far less. I should also point out that there was a period when anime fans were being accused of pedo as well, since the girls in anime, which is often sexualized, look to be under 17 as a matter of course.

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