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Tuesday, September 18, 2018 

Frank Cho attacks the very campaign supporting him

It's very sad to discover an artist who'd taken an unfair share of attacks over his artwork is now suddenly coming out of left field - literally - and practically cursing the Comicsgate campaigners, as seen in this Facebook posting:
It has come to my attention from various sources that people are associating me with Comicgate, an alt-right hate group in the comic book field.

As a proud liberal Democrat, I'm against everything Comicgate stands for. I'm Pro-Equal Rights. Pro-Diversity. Pro-Comics. I always believed that everyone is welcomed at the comic table and no one group should try to force another to their idea of what is normal and not normal.

So let me be very clear where I stand - FUCK COMICGATE!
It makes little difference whether he's been pressured into opening his big mouth, what he's done is divisive to say nothing of needlessly profane, and that's never helpful. Here, this was the guy who'd been slapped in the face by Greg Rucka - who shouldn't even be defending Wonder Woman as a creation following the UN's denigration if that's his belief - and was attacked even before that by other SJWs over his satirical responses to their negative stance on Milo Manara's Spider-Woman cover, and now what does he do? Makes divisive statements that can leave everyone wondering if this is somebody worth supporting at all. I suppose the biggest hindering is identity politics, and that's compelling him to let down his biggest fans. But then, if memory serves, I may have once spotted him claiming rightists were responsible for getting his Facebook page suspended over some of his art, which means he either has no clear understanding the left's become today's puritan, or, he can't come to terms with reality. It's really too bad. Nor does he accept that there are liberals in Comicsgate fed up with all the political correctness and identity politics too. And here I once thought he realized the left was the problem.

I do know that, what'll really alienate his backers is if he caves, and starts dumbing down his character designs to suit the SJW agendas. And that's not bound to help one bit. For now, he'd do well to just let it go, which his far more leftist peers seem to have a hard time doing, even though it might help if they'd just stop driving away potential customers with their divisive politics.

Maybe the weirdest part of this is how Cho's post sounds reminiscent of a similar comment made by Larry Hama, who's also sadly capitulated to the political correctness and sold out, as seen in the screencap here. Naturally, it's a shame when a guy whose past writings proved remarkable doesn't show the courage he was advocating in his stories proper, and succumbs to the unfortunate politics he sadly lived on in years past. That's something everyone's got to ponder and take into account - liberalism can ultimately lead past masters to undo their talents today, and worse, reject the very fans who made their past products a success. If that's what a lot of scribes are raised upon, it may not be too alarming when they suddenly cave to SJW beliefs and throw away what made their tales work the first time round. And that's why we have to separate art from the artist.

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It's not"liberalism". Hugh Heffner was a "liberal" and espoused "liberalism". It's Cultural Marxism pushed by progressives. It can also be characterized as "far left".

"Cultural Marxism" is a term with a lot of baggage attached. See for example:

Using it is like a secret handshake or a club tie; it is saying you belong to a small group of people who think a certain way and have their own private jargon. It doesn't mean much other than that.

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