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Saturday, September 29, 2018 

SJWs throw Chelsea Cain under the bus because she wouldn't address transvestism in Man-Eaters

Cain's new Image book called Man-Eaters may be ultra-leftist feminist propaganda, but it meant little to comics writer Alex deCampi, who panned Cain with the following:

The liberal feminist Women Write About Comics site also made petty issues, the already degrading feminist position notwithstanding:
...I’m still very apprehensive about Man-Eaters. This first issue feels cis-centric in a way that could very quickly lean hard into biological essentialism. By leaning hard into the connection between womanhood and menstruation, the book others both trans masculine people who menstruate and trans women who do not, without so much as a recognition that either group exists.

Just as troubling, the creative team fails to tackle the health effects of dumping pharmaceutical quantities of estrogen and progesterone into the water supply, something that would jump start puberty in many prepubescent kids, as well as set off secondary puberty in hundreds of millions of men. The issue’s back cover includes a Bitch Planet-esque fake ad for Estro Pure “certified estrogen free water for boys,” but it plays as a gag on toxic masculinity (“of course men would be afraid of their boys getting some estrogen”) rather than a very necessary response to what would otherwise be a public health crisis.

That isn’t to say that these problems can’t be overcome in future issues and that Man-Eaters can’t be made inclusive of the reality of trans folk existing. (Working with some trans consultants, including both trans masculine and trans feminine folks, would be a good start.) There’s a lot to love in Man-Eaters, but, I’m definitely wary of a book I was otherwise very excited about from a creative team I genuinely loved in the past.
And now, the reviewer no longer does? Hmm, how about that. Another example of how suddenly, radical feminism centered on women is no longer enough for these fools. Now, transvestism must be made an issue - to say nothing of a quota requirement - in every story of this sort, to appease clowns who otherwise won't buy the book. Indeed, I'm skeptical a significant portion of leftists care to buy and read Cain's new leftist pastiche no matter how much it's built on their beliefs. They do, however, think a "purse puppy" should be consulted for the development.

Cain ought to start realizing that no matter how liberal-leaning she is, there's quite a segment in the industry obsessed with transgender propaganda that won't care how far-left she is, they'll still believe she's required to address their extreme beliefs, and adhere to a quota even if it only dilutes whatever merit the story supposedly has. The same site even posted an interview with her where she says at the end:
Have you already planned out the end of the series, or are you taking it more one arc at a time?

I have the first 12 issues planned. That’s what I’ve signed up for—one year. We’ll see if I can hack it. Comics is hard. People can be mean.
Yep. Including her own fellow leftists, if the examples presented are any sign of that (Update: more examples can be found here). Or, they can be quite ungrateful indeed, and never satisfied.

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Been meaning to ask, that library that you work for (the newspapers not hiring at your location or something?): does it allow comics to be stored there or do you have to keep them all at your house?

Where is that picture of two snakes eating each other when you need it?

What's your viewpoints on futanaris?

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