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Wednesday, September 12, 2018 

Two matters that aren't much better than the other

Two topics involving two people involved with Comicsgate came up which don't really impress me. First is Ethan Van Sciver's recruiting Canadian cartoonist Dave Sim of Cerebus to contribute stories for Cyberfrog:

For heaven's sake, is this really a good idea? I'm not forgetting the time I read some of those "editorials" Sim published, either in Cerebus proper or as op-eds, in which he made repellent comments about women and Jews. If he had a problem with feminism as practiced the leftist way, that's one thing, but to take out all his grievances against nearly all the fairer sex and even stoop to antisemitism is the wrong way to go, and devastates even the most valid beliefs he allegedly had. How is it these dummies never think of that? His willingness to take up a "religion" mixing elements of Islam didn't help either.

I won't say he's incapable of changing. And I do expect Van Sciver will see to it that any contribution Sim makes to Cyberfrog won't contain unpleasant stealth messaging. Even so, Sim is not somebody I find appealing, and if he hasn't repented, then reading his contributions isn't exactly something I'm looking forward to. This is why, while I think Van Sciver did the right thing to take off from DC and focus more on creator-owned products, I still tend to view whatever he does with a certain amount of reservations, and I'm not forgetting he was the artist who assisted Geoff Johns in turning Barry Allen's background more grisly. Such a direction is not what I got into reading famous superhero comics for.

Then, we have the case of Vox Day, the book writer of questionable personality and politics, who's now decided to take the name Comicsgate and use it as another imprint for comics he'll be publishing alongside stuff like Alt-Hero's Arkhaven. And taking such a campaign name for his own use is little more than a ridiculous cash-grab. He says in the interview:
Bounding Into Comics (BIC): What kind of stories do you plan on featuring under this imprint?

Vox Day (Vox): We plan on featuring any comics and graphic novels brought to us by ComicsGate-affiliated creators who wish to make public their support for ComicsGate. [...]

BIC: How will you differentiate this imprint from Arkhaven and Dark Legion?

Vox: Arkhaven is for the original material that we create. Dark Legion is what other creators bring to us for publishing. ComicsGate is similar to Dark Legion, but it is specifically for creators and fans who wish to make public their support for ComicsGate. We don’t claim to define ComicsGate, we don’t claim to be the official publisher of ComicsGate, and there will certainly be ComicsGaters who will utilize other publishers and distribution channels, this is merely our way of offering our structural support for the people and philosophy of ComicsGate.
For heaven's sake, wouldn't the best way to sponsor anybody identifying with Comicsgate be to form an imprint that doesn't use the very name? For example, "Lionheart productions"? It's much too obvious what he's setting out to do, and that can actually prompt a lot of pro-Comicsgate supporters to think he's out of his mind over moneymaking.

Day's even defended his overzealous move following the negative criticism with the following:
Bounding Into Comics (BIC): After the ComicsGate Comics announcement, many of those using the hashtag decried you and there were calls for people to disavow you. Do you have a response to the people who claim you aren’t part of ComicsGate?

Vox Day (Vox): Certainly. It depends upon what you mean by ComicsGate. If you mean rejecting the five points laid out by a story on this very site, then we are very clearly ComicsGate. If you mean something that is SJW-inclusive, intrinsically opposed to identity politics, and owned by Ethan van Sciver, then we very clearly are not.
For somebody who's argued he's willing to work with Van Sciver, that doesn't sound very favorable if he's implying van Sciver IS courting leftists who may now be shunning him. Besides, I thought the anti-SJW position was the one against identity politics.

So in the end, it's honestly hard to care for either side here, considering what Sim was like in the past and the realization Day hasn't abandoned some of his own shoddy politics regarding Israel by any stretch, along with his laughable exploitation of the name of a campaign for his own publishing projects. But then, I knew the talk of the creator-owned field alone doesn't guarantee instant quality reading either, so here we go again with more items that have to be taken with salt. Sigh.

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I'm old enough to remember when the Beatles said they were more popular than Jesus Christ. People burned their records for about 3 months and then they returned to being numero uno until they broke up. The cultural marxists have co-opted race and sex issues and elevated them into a religious fetish that's more fascistic than than Christianity in the 50s. The only way that's going to change is to stand up to them, take some hits and keep moving. If Vox Day or Dave Sims says some bad stuff about women and jews, relax, women and jews are still safe, but a crack might appear in the wall of cultural marxism and that's a good thing.

Vox Day sees himself as a white nationalist; when he talks about identity politics, he means white identity politics. White for him excludes Jews.

Sim developed a weird solipsistic ideology for himself, but he did try to make up for the anti-Semitism that people saw in some of his Cerebus stories and he strongly denounced anti-semitism: see

If you relax and ally with people who say bad stuff about women and Jews, then you are creating a movement that is associated with misogyny and bigotry. If you ally with white nationalists, you are creating a movement that is associated with racism and neo-fascism. That's not a good thing.

"If Vox Day or Dave Sims says some bad stuff about women and jews, relax, women and jews are still safe, but a crack might appear in the wall of cultural marxism and that's a good thing."


Saying bad stuff about women and Jews places a crack in "cultural Marxism"? One strategy of the neo nazi gangs is to normalize racism by using ugly vituperative language against women, Jews, Blacks, Arabs, Hispanics at every opportunity. Accustom people to bigotry. All that does is make you look like a bigot.

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