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Thursday, October 18, 2018 

Despite how revolting his online behavior was, Chuck Wendig gets backing from the usual bunch of baddies

Wendig may have been fired by Marvel from their new Star Wars adaptations for his obscenities on social media, but it means nothing to a familiar crowd of freaks whom the entertainment industry, comics or otherwise, would be better off without. Here are some sample tweets they wrote in support of a man who lacks chivalry:

Anybody who studies Meltzer's resume under a magnifying glass will understand why it's hardly a surprise he'd join the bandwagon of Wendig backers. And look at how Simone not only refused to answer a guy's query whether she approves of Wendig's revolting comments, she even muted or blocked him altogether. Another Orwellian "ignorance is strength" approach that doesn't reflect well on her MO. Conway's no improvement either, nor is Soule.

And this is why any company employing these freaks could risk losing customers. Marvel and DC's managements might want to take a good look at what their other employees, freelance and interns, are saying as well, if they don't want anybody to think they're only booting out writers because they were assigned to write high profile movie material adaptations. Everything has to count, and not just at a time when a movie based on a comic is screening in film auditoriums.

And on that note, the news just came out that Wendig's planned SW miniseries has been canned altogether:
Marvel Entertainment released the official list of January 2019 comic book product this week, and one title was notable by its absence: Shadow of Vader, the five-issue comic book series written by Chuck Wendig, the writer Marvel fired last week because of his social media use.

[...] At the New York Comic Con panel, the series was officially announced as launching in January, with the series replacing the current Star Wars: Darth Vader title on the schedule; the latter series releases its final issue Dec. 19. However, the full list of Marvel’s planned January 2019 releases doesn’t include Shadow of Vader.

It’s unclear whether the series is on hold while Marvel addresses Wendig’s firing, or if it has been quietly killed altogether. In a blog post about his firing, Wendig expressed uncertainty about what was going to become of the work he’d already completed on the book.
He's written at least a few novel adaptations of SW as well, and after this scandal, it remains to be seen if Disney/Lucasfilm will continue to employ him to that extent. At this point, he'd be considered such a PR catastrophe, that to keep working with him could spell trouble for their finances. Who ever knew that the guy could be so much more influenced by Darth Vader's dark visions than by Luke Skywalker's?

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We have a record low unemployment rate, and economic growth that Obama claimed was impossible (though he is now trying to take credit for it), yet, "Our economy is in a decline because (Trump) doesn't know what he's doing."

Welcome to Leftist logic. AKA Bizarro World.

But maybe the limousine liberals in Bel Air and Beverly Hills consider the low unemployment rate (and common sense, reasonable enforcement of immigration laws) to be a problem because it reduces the supply of cheap labor.

Problems with the economy include increasing income inequality, with the rich having more and the poor even less; wage stagnation; a massively higher budget deficit; deteriorating infrastructure; trade wars which are just beginning and whose impact has not yet been felt; a return to the kind of financial deregulation that caused the 2008 recession; and worries about what will happen when the goosing of the economy caused by the tax cuts wears off and interest rates rise. We are not out of the woods and the signals are not good.

We an only wish for common sense reasonable enforcement of immigration laws. The administration has been breaking immigration law right and left, and has not been able to comply in full with court orders to fix the problems created by their failure to follow the law.

When did separating infant kids from their parents and putting them in detention camps become common sense?

Oh, for the days when writers were judged on their writing and not on their tweets.

Well, they say like attracts like.

"At this point, he'd be considered such a PR catastrophe, that to keep working with him could spell trouble for their finances. Who ever knew that the guy could be so much more influenced by Darth Vader's dark visions than by Luke Skywalker's?"

I wouldn't even insult Vader by comparing a loser like Wendig to him. If anything, his visions are more in line with Kylo Ren or Rose Tico. At least Vader actually WANTED to make the universe a better place and wouldn't be too out of place of the 1950s superheroes who actually CARED about absolute morality rather than treating everything as relative. He's certainly no Luke Skywalker, though, I'll agree on that much.

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