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Thursday, October 25, 2018 

Tamra Bonvillain victimologizes, and Kelly Thompson sells out

Bonvillain, a transgender colorist working for companies like DC and Marvel, is whining about Republicans wanting to help safeguard women's rights being harmed by transgender activists:

No, we do not. What we want is that these moonbats quit the masquerade and be what gender they were born as. They'll be much more appreciated that way.

Here is the challenging query: is Bonvillain a woman, or a man? If the answer is a woman, she has nothing to worry about. But if the answer is a man, he should be ashamed of himself for keeping up an unfunny charade at the expense of biological woman who have every right to privacy. Including my own mother, who, having heard the news in the past few years about Target department stores selling out to transvestite ideology, said she'd rather not use the bathrooms there, let alone shop at their branches in the USA. Based on one of the following, that's why I'm becoming more certain than ever that Bonvillain is one very selfish, self-centered man.

Seriously? They are? Let's put it this way. We wouldn't have an issue if only those who call themselves transgenders would just stop with the whole act, recognize which biological sex they belong to, and be proud of their biological gender. Victim culture doesn't do any good.

If the whole idea was to justify men entering women's bathrooms, it goes without saying that's disgraceful. Any deranged man, no matter his sexual orientation, could claim to be a woman, and use that as a way to act as a predator. Transgender ideology cannot take precedent over safety issues for women and children, and it's offensive to demonize women as homophobes, which seems to be just what the leftist advocates want to make many women scared of.

Hmm, this is certainly eyebrow raising, suggesting we have one very muddled man here, who sees nothing wrong with men holing up in a women's homeless shelter, which could give them the chance to leer. What a disgrace. Besides, there are plenty of men's homeless shelters, so this is all a lot of tommyrot. As this case of a male transvestite in England who raped at least two inmates at a women's prison in Yorkshire proves, men, transgender or otherwise, can exploit their "protected class" status to infiltrate and endanger women in institutes that are designated for biological women.

Okay, that's enough, these koo-koos are just so boring with their sob stories and inability to maintain self esteem in being what biological gender they are, which, naturally, is very sad.

And that's not the only sad case to report. The current X-Men writer (currently scripting the spinoff Mr. and Mrs. X with Gambit and Rogue) seems ungrateful to president Donald Trump because the administration is trying to abandon the Obama-enacted transgender-favoring policies:

Very sad to see Thompson's sold out, whether she felt pressured or is one woman so lacking in self-esteem, she'd throw women's rights under the bus for the sake of this propaganda.

With people like these working in comics and other entertainment venues and spreading their propaganda and victimology around, it's no wonder audiences feel all the more alienated than ever.

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I was under the impression that "trans" was short for transition. When did it become its own designation? All these morons who want to sit on the fence and be neither this nor that are just looking for attention. They all want to be special unicorns and embrace their victim culture.

Normal people don't give a shit about your made up problems. Just make your transition and get on with your life, the rest of the world is tired of hearing you whine.

As far as washroom use goes, if my daughter or wife comes out of a washroom and tells me there was a man in a wig in there, he's got a serious ass-kicking coming his way.

I was in favor of gay weddings. Have been for years before it became a thing. What I didn't realize was that virtually within weeks of gay marriage being approved by the SCOTUS, the gay marriage political machinery would switch over to trans rights. Sexual politics and handing out special favors to group X is just one of a dozen ways the left routinely divides people and brings another special needs group into the Democratic party vote farm. Enough is enough.

Sell-out is an odd word to use for Kelly Thompson. A sell out is someone who goes against their old convictions because it gets them money or some other personal advantage. A sell out is a hypocrite, someone with no principles. But Thompson is sticking to her principles; it is just that you don't agree with her principles. She is not a sell out.

Donald Trump, as a candidate in 2016, thought it made sense for people to use whatever washroom they felt comfortable in. That was when he was a breath of fresh air among Republicans, taking a practical, common sense approach to some of the issues. Over time, as he saw where his fans leaned, he began dodging the issue by saying it was a matter for the states to decide. As he tested out rhetoric on the campaign trail, he began siding against the claims of trans-gendered people. See:
you have to read past the headline; breitbart often slants headlines one way and puts the opposing facts deep down in the article.

I don't want to have to show an id or prove my gender in order to be able to go into a public washroom! It gets a bit silly. And no, I don't check out the gender of the person in the next stall; I hope no one else does either.

Expecting anatomical/biological males to use the men's restroom, and anatomical/biological females to use the women's restroom, is not preventing people from using the restroom "consistent with their gender." It may prevent some mentally ill people from using the restroom consistent with their delusion.

And a true "transgendered" or "transsexual" person is one who has actually had a sex change surgery. A man dressing as a woman is still a male, no matter how he "identifies." Just as a person with no medical training could wear a white smock, but would not be a doctor. Or a person with no law enforcement training could wear a blue uniform, but would not be a police officer.

As for real transgendered people (who have had the surgery and made the transition, as opposed to someone who is just a cross-dresser), they have to permanently receive hormone therapy on a regular basis, to boost their estrogen and suppress their testosterone, or vice versa. That is, they have special needs, medically.

So, if the military has to accept trans people, does it also have to take applicants with other chronic medical problems and limitations, such as diabetes or asthma? If not, why not?

Admittedly, not everyone in the military is a paratrooper or a SEAL. But even a clerk or a cook or an IT analyst might get stationed in some third world sh*thole where definitive medical treatment is not available.

Bottom line: trans people have special medical needs that the military cannot always accommodate.

The military brass have no problem with transgendered soldiers. The desire to exclude them is a political decision, a cynical move to score points with conservative fans, not a military one.

I don't understand your use of the term "victimologizes." I guess it's a portmanteau of sorts, but its parts don't work together: "-logy" typically means the study of something.

Does it also count if the genders in that scenario are reversed Jack?

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