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Saturday, November 24, 2018 

Vindictive pseudo-writers are trying to get Diversity & Comics channel removed from YouTube

One Angry Gamer has the story of Richard Meyer getting attacked over peanuts by petty, vindictive non-writers like Brian Visaggio and another would-be scribe by the name of Kwanza Osajyefo who're trying to get his channel eliminated on YouTube. Meyer will - and certainly should - take legal action:
He does plan on taking legal action against them on fair use grounds – specifically the second strike from Visaggio. He didn’t want to talk to his lawyer on Thanksgiving because it’s a holiday, but he did have plans on talking to his lawyer in short order to challenge the copyright strike.
I think there's plenty of grounds on which to sue for potential stalking out of petty revenge. As may have once been noted before, when the GamerGate campaign first began, most video game designers largely avoided mouthing off on social media, because it could've embarrassed the medium. It goes without saying what the aforementioned two have done, along with several others, gives the comics medium a bad name, makes it look like a haven for the dregs of society, and only discourages more audience from coming in. IMO, a way must be found to make it clear to any and all publishers that they must employ convincing guidelines on what possible employees, intern and freelance, should or shouldn't do if it risks jeopardizing their reputations.

So I'll wish Meyer good luck in a lawsuit to accompany the one already filed against Mark Waid for committing tortious interference. All this petty vengeance against critics and such over a mere opinion and other trivial issues cannot go on, as it's only detrimental to comicdom, just like it would be to video games if it's reps had made the same mistakes.

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A lot of what Meyer does is read comics page by page with his own commentary. That seems to go beyond fair use, which would allow only portions of the work to be included for review purposes. He is making money off other people's hard work. I am surprised the publishers have let him get away with it for so long.

He does read too much of the comics he reviews and he needs to fix that ASAP. OTOH, he recommends a large percentage of the comics he reviews so he's effectively sending them money. The bad reviews are for comics none of his audience are going to buy anyway so his reviews end up an overall plus for comics creators/companies.

Maybe if he kept his offscreen antics under control he wouldn't be in this pickle in the first place.

Aren't guys like Diversity & Comics a dime a dozen at this point? Why focus on this one?

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