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Monday, December 24, 2018 

7 tweets by Erik Larsen

I haven't seen many comics artists and writers mouthing off about politics lately (which is surely a good thing), but Savage Dragon creator Erik Larsen stands out as one who's certainly been vocal lately, calling for Donald Trump to resign...because of the security wall to keep out illegal immigrants:

And Obama never gave it to anybody, right? Not even Iran, I guess. This is disgusting.

And I guess he's gloating over that, huh? Ugh.

Hmm, this seems an odd choice - to complain about big spending, and then lambast Trump for alluding to Obama's big spending, which definitely took a turn for the worse when he made the Iran deal.

Oh, he must really love making those jabs at the POTUS, I'm sure. All this while the comics medium withers and fades as we speak, and all he cares about is Trump taking positive steps for the future, and doesn't even care that the economy improved under Trump's oversight. Just simply sad. Maybe Larsen should resign his post at Image, considering he's not exactly doing anything to get them to retire the outdated pamphlet format and just rely on paperbacks/hardcovers for future output.

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Maybe the guy finally stripped his gears?

There's a pattern to the celebrity political twitters. They're left, they hate Trump and their personal careers are in decline.

Typical professional jealousy, should just let them burn themselves out. It would reduce the noise level in social media by about 5-10%. Now if there only was a way to trigger the other 90-95% and get them to burn themselves out as well, would certainly make things a lot quieter!

The threat of a "Trump Christmas shutdown" is scary.

If the government shuts down, who will spy on me, waste my money, and call me deplorable?

"There's a pattern to the celebrity political twitters. They're left, they hate Trump and their personal careers are in decline"
D&C, one of the very few comics pundits who have looked at comics creators as a group noted at the glorious "Indie" level how poor many creators are, how they have rationalized their poor fortunes by blaming their political enemies, and how quickly they will turn on each other.

Erik is above all that because he has a supposedly high paid administrative job title. I don't know how Image justifies paying Erik this salary since most of Image Comics are unprofitable. With the exception of something like the Walking Dead, it is unclear how Image is any more profitable than Fantagraphics.Do movie options pay that much?

Erik Larsen, like the Kubert sons. Romita's son, and many aging creators have peaked as artists and their work is getting worse and worse every year. The thing that struck me about Larsen shortly after I stopped following his work, around 2003, was that he held others to a MUCH higher standard than himself. Larsen would share his experience reviewing the portfolios of aspiring comic book artists, and would note how terrible most of them were. I don't think his work for the last fifteen years would survive one of his critiques, but he sure loves to talk trash.

PS. I tried to find the cover preview for an issue of Savage Dragon he posted months ago of The Ant, a super-heroine, driving a villain's face into her butt
as proof of his creative bankruptcy but it looks like he removed it from his Tweets on Twitter.

By "gross incompetence," does Larsen mean lower fuel prices, a low unemployment rate, defeating ISIS, reduced illegal immigration, or all of the above?

Is this kind of stunt a left-leaning thing only, or do right-leaners have this occasional mental breakdown and/or this type of response as well?

That article about how "the economy improved under Trump's oversight"
is from July. The American economy is not doing well at the moment;
major stock market downturn, house and car sales down, loss of overseas
markets, tourism industry dragged down, skilled and
talented people reluctant to visit or work in the country…. Our celebrity tweeter
POTUS took credit for good economic results that he had little to do
with; he is stuck with the downturn.

Trump is following in government the same pattern he followed in
business; get rich by borrowing money from other people and and
leave others holding the bag for the debt. The budget deficit under
his presidency is out of control. He and his familty and cronies are
getting richer, though.

As far as Image Comics profits goes, they work on an 'eat what you
kill' model; the individual projects and creators keep the lion's
share of their own profits, or losses. Movie options can be nominal or
massive, depending on the option; some scriptwriters make a handsome
living without ever seeing one of their scripts make it to the big

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