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Tuesday, December 11, 2018 

Vertigo writer accused of sexual abuse

This must be the 4th time an employee for DC's been accused of a serious felony. A toy designer's written a blog post (see also archive link) alleging sexual abuse by a man now writing for the Vertigo line at the time they were both working at a comics store in Tuscon at least 5 years ago. The culprit is assumed to be Eric Esquivel, who's writing the politicized Border Town series, and suspicions are furthered by the closing of his social media accounts; his Twitter page was locked last time I looked.

So now the question is, will DC take action to get rid of their latest PR embarrassment, or, will they continue to ignore calls for the culprit's dismissal, much like they tried to avoid dealing with Eddie Berganza for a number of years? This is but one reason why the industry's image is already in the toilet, and they're not making it any better by keeping up the deaf and dumb act when serious allegations like these are brought up.

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I'm going to admit I skimmed but it seems like nonsense. The story seems like the same kind of neurotic false accusers who come forward during a sex abuse scandal .

The thing that throws me off is that real people do not behave like they do in her story. Here is an excerpt.

" X acted like my friend, he was there for me during my break up, listened. Then one day while we were having a conversation about my break up the topic of our intimacy came up, he got closer, put his hand on my hip, and lower. He kissed me, and invited me to his place during our lunch break, I said yes (He lived right next to our work behind a fast food place).
Immediately, he starts to take off my clothes. I can’t stop shaking, I couldn’t say anything but “I’m nervous, I’m nervous, I’m nervous.” I couldn’t look at him. Then he slaps my face. I couldn’t do anything after that. I let it all happen and went straight to work after. I wanted to forget, without giving details, there wasn’t an ounce of love in what just happened to me."

The victim agrees to go back to X's place after he makes a move.
X smacks her for no reason.
X's girlfriend is idealized for some reason. She's not an enabler or anything, she is just neutral party who just admires her.

". He grabbed both my wrists and pulled me into the other room where she was at. She saw me and said “You’re beautiful, but no.”

There's something not right about this story. It sounds like amateur fiction.

Given the neurotic nature of many comic book creators these days, I'm going to suggest she most likely is delusional or is lying about certain aspects of what happened.

x is not innocent and I am not defending even the mildest of what she said about him but she put up with and brushed off x's behavior and put up with it for YEARS. That's ridiculous. Cynthia was not a child with very little life experience. She seems to be one of those "adults" who tries to normalize sexual abuse by marrying their abusers.

These "adults" are often drawn to each other and bond over being passive victims of abuse that went on for years. Here is one of the responses.

"SJ Kurtz
December 11, 2018 at 3:30 PM
Been there, different creep. It took me decades to admit "he raped me" to myself. I made up so many scenarios where this wasn't the case, we got engaged at one point (I was going to normalize this somehow). Don't back down. Don't let anyone tell your story for you. "

These types of "adults" tend to be neurotic or nerdy women who most likely buy into identity politics (or victim narratives) possibly because they are so inept at life.

Well, they say reality is stranger than fiction.

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