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Tuesday, January 08, 2019 

5 political tweets by Ron Marz

It's been a while since far-left-leaning Marz may have written anything degrading about politics, but here he is now, talking in gross terms about Donald Trump, following the stink caused by newly elected Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib after she used a notorious expletive to describe the POTUS:

Oh, so here we have one more apologist for this awful far-left Tlaib following in the footsteps of Alexandria Ocasia-Cortez and former Canadian prime minister Kim Campbell. This is just the problem with modern society - everyone's normalizing profanity to the max, and it's damaging morale to no end. Nancy Pelosi may have admitted the expletive-lacing is divisive, but she's still trying to downplay the incident by claiming it's no worse than Trump's, as if 2 wrongs make a right.

In addition, Marz believes all the lies about children of illegal immigrants being caged. That's not helpful either.

Evidently, Marz is fine with the Democrats leading a government shutdown and possibly denying people their wages in the process. So why's it only matter when Trump supposedly doesn't pay?

And everyone familiar with Marz's MO can call him partisan, so nothing new here.

Ranting in internet forums. Yawn. There's also this little item here:

Sounds like he's attacking any WaPo article with a view he apparently doesn't agree with, all in order to defend somebody as awful as Ocasia-Cortez happens to be. Even the ultra-leftist Whoopi Goldberg said she should quit criticizing her fellow Democrats, hinting there are some who're becoming disillusioned with Ocasia-Cortez. Alas, Marz remains Marz, and a joke.

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" this awful far-left Tlaib following in the footsteps of Alexandria Ocasia-Cortez and former Canadian prime minister Kim Campbell."

Actually, Kim Campbell, a conservative prime minister, is following in Tlaib's footsteps; she made her comments after Tlaib and in support of her. saying that Tlaib's characterization of the president was accurate.

Two wrongs don't make a right, but Trump's carry weight; he is the president, and he sets the tone for the country to follow. That tone is expletive-ridden. People are more offended when women use foul language; but when they play in politics, they start to talk like their male colleagues.

It is a bit early to say that AOC is awful. We know she is whip-smart and politically savvy; but we have not really been able to see yet how she performs as a congresswoman. Just because she is not conservative doesn't mean she is awful.

Hard to see Whoopi as an ultra-leftist. Maybe centrist or left-of-centrist. She is mainly mainstream in her views.

I believe Silverfiddle said it best about how conservatives and liberals are supposed to behave:

"Conservatives are supposed to conserve, be the bastion of tradition, morality, cultural preservation, prudence and fiscal responsibility.

Liberals are supposed to be pushing the boundaries, opening new doors, advocating for new ways.

If one or the other got their way 100%, we would be in a leftwing or rightwing hell; but in a healthy political environment, a reasonable synthesis emerges: Prudent growth, lifting of outdated strictures, and a healthy society.

What we have instead is a toxic sewer of incoherence, eradication of consequence, and studied ignorance of facts on the ground and reality. This cannot go on indefinitely."

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