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Monday, February 25, 2019 

Devil's Due sugarcoats Ocasio-Cortez in a new comic bio

Hello Giggles is fawning over a new comic about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the Democrat who cost Amazon the chance to establish a new office in New York City:
It’s no secret that we’re (high-key) obsessed with Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Her grassroots political campaign took Capital Hill by storm and showed the world that Democrats—especially young Democrats—are ready and eager for a truly progressive platform on issues like tax reform and the environment. She’s also a social media maven, articulating her points and clapping back at critics in a way that proves she’s a new breed of politician who’s far better at connecting with voters than some of her older and more traditionally minded counterparts. Basically, AOC is shaking up the status quo, and even though she might not nail everything 100% of the time, she’s helped create a much-needed paradigm shift in business-as-usual politics.

And she’s so freaking inspiring that there’s now even a comic book about her.
One that doesn't mention her bad deeds, I'm sure. That "business as usual" lately included stopping Amazon from opening an office in NYC, costing thousands of job opportunities. She even attended events with anti-Israeli activist Linda Sarsour, and there were even some liberals who took offense at how low she was stooping. What's so "inspiring" about all that? Costing people jobs is also very low.
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the Freshman Force is a new comic brought to us by Devil’s Due Comics, an independent publishing company based in Chicago. It’s designed “to celebrate the election of the most diverse group of freshman congresspersons in history” and features comics by various writers and artists.  In a statement to HelloGiggles, owner of Devil’s Due, Josh Blaylock, said,

"This has been a passion project from day one, and I think the kick in the butt the new congress is giving to both sides of the aisle is so needed."

He continued, “Personally, I wanted a way to not only entertain, but to to get my own cathartic release and vent some frustrations I think a lot of people share. And when you’re a comic book creator, that means it’s time to make a comic! What’s been overwhelming though is the amazing response from our fantastic, diverse group of contributors. The energy of everyone’s art shows that I’m not alone.”
If memory serves, this company once had the license to publish GI Joe comics. At this point, I'm wondering if it's not such a bad thing they lost it to IDW, and maybe Blaylock doesn't take much pride in his work on that franchise anymore either. Here's more on what the comic's about:
A publishing company out of Chicago is set to turn socialist star Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) into a comic book superhero “kicking” Republican butt, the company says.

A Friday press release from Chicago-based Devil’s Due Comics depicts the Green New Deal writer and newly elected New York Congresswoman in a white pants suit standing astride a fallen red elephant while a sheepish and worried blue Democrat donkey stands in the background saying, “gulp.”

[...] In the press release, publisher Josh Blaylock claimed that his AOC cartoon character would “engage in a series of super-heroic mini-adventures, taking on the GOP establishment from within.”

“To boot, this anthology comic satirically skewers everyone from President Trump to his near-endless team of morally-compromised Republican cronies,” Blaylock continued.

[...] Devil’s Due comics has dipped into left-wing politics before when ten years ago it published a series entitled “Barack the Barbarian” in which President Barack Obama was depicted as a he-man destroying all opposition. It is an interesting juxtaposition for the president scoffed at in real life for his mom jeans and his effete, Kale-eating style.
Ah, I vaguely remember now, they were behind the Obama comic that was little more than another example of the overbearing leftist politics consuming modern comicdom. Needless to say, satire is not an excuse, and certainly not when it's obvious they're against conservatives. And above all, it's a terrible shame Blaylock and company see nothing wrong with Ocasio-Cortez scuttling a deal that could've helped market more comic books, a big oxymoron depending how you view all this.

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That new office in New York would have cost the government 2.6 billion in subsidies, and gentrified the neighbourhood so as to make it more expensive for residents to live there. There were better ways to spend that money. You should not criticize consumer revolts so heavily; there were good reasons why New Yorkers fought the Amazon invasion.

But AOC's reason was so she could spend the imaginary money on other things.

AS far as the comic, it's appropriate that Devil's Due published it... they, too, have a habit of producing shit they don't pay anyone for.

Damned if you do, damned if you don't eh?

It shows AOC and T. Rump have something in common; they are both against government services giving sweetheart deals to Jeff Bazos.

AOC is not worried about jobs being lost. Her constituents are on the dole, and they do not want or need to work.

Leftists are bipolar and hypermanic. They can't just hate Trump (or Bush), and like Obama, Clinton, and AOC. They go to crazy extremes, ranting that Trump is "literally Hitler," and that Obama is "like a god" (according to Valerie Jarrett), and has "never done one thing wrong in his life" (according to Chris Matthews). And that Hillary Clinton is "the most qualified person to ever run for office." And now they are swooning over Ocasio-Cortez, saying that she should run for president even though she is under the legal age requirement.

And Rightists have never been that extreme in their behavior?

Saying that AOC "might not nail everything 100% of the time" is a huge understatement.

She said that the unemployment rate is only low because "everyone" is working two jobs and working 80 hours a week. The unemployment statistics are based on the number of people drawing unemployment insurance, not on the number of jobs filled or the number of hours worked.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 148 million workers have one job each, and 6.4 million work more than one job each. Not exactly "everyone" moonlighting. And most employees work 40-50 hours a week.

She said that the military received a $700 billion increase that it did not request. The total Defense budget is $700 billion, so, for that amount to be an increase, the Defense Department budget the year before would have to be $0 or a negative number.

BTW, $700 billion is obviously a lot, but it's less than half what the US government spends on social welfare programs.

She said that a 17-year-old can go into a gun shop and legally buy an assault rifle. Under the US Gun Control Act of 1968, one must be at least 18 to buy a rifle or shotgun, and 21 or older to buy a handgun. That is a federal law, so it applies in all 50 states. Some states go further, and have laws requiring that anyone buying any kind of firearm (rifle, shotgun, or handgun) be 21 or older.

She said she was looking forward to being inaugurated and signing bills. Members of Congress are not inaugurated, and do not sign bills.

And she has said that it is more important to be "morally right" than "factually correct." The two are not mutually exclusive.

I don't know any rightists who gush over candidates the way leftists go ga-ga over their idols. Most Trump voters that I know considered him the lesser evil. I have never heard a conservative or a libertarian say that Trump (or Bush, Reagan, or Romney) was "like a god" or that he "never did one thing wrong in his entire life."

As James Woods pointed out, AOC's arrogance is as much a problem as her ignorance. She said that "we're in charge" and that her critics are just "shouting from the cheap seats." Woods reminded her that, in the USA, the government is supposed to serve the people, not the other way around.

Having AOC in Congress is like having Larry in the Three Stooges.

They don't really need her, but it would not be as funny without her.

Some of the alt-rightniks used to talk about Trump as the God-Emperor, and say that he was playing 5th dimensional chess and so much smarter than anyone else, so that the dumb things he did were really part of some brilliant master plan that the rest of us could not understand. But you are right, no one would ever say about him now that he never did one thing wrong in his entire life.

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