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Monday, April 08, 2019 

No, Disney should not buy DC

Fortress of Solitude wonders whether Disney Corp. should buy out DC from Time Warner:
Disney’s purchase of 21st Century Fox was a dream waiting to be realised for many Marvel fans. Finally, the Marvel Cinematic Universe gets to include characters that have been interacting with the Avengers in the comics for decades! With an even richer MCU in the near future, there’s a lot to look forward to. But what about DC comics? Should Disney buy DC Comics too?
Absolutely not. It's really the other way around - Disney should sell Marvel's publishing arm, as they're not handling them well at all, and this is compounded by their lurch to social justice elements. As though it weren't bad enough they're becoming far too corporately dominant.

I do think DC's publishing arm should be sold off, though, to another business with more responsibility. Because TW's abandoned it to people as awful as those now running Marvel. And if they'd abandon the monthly pamphlet approach in favor of paperback/hardcover GNs along with the company wide crossovers, that'd be another plus. At the end of this item, they do agree to some extent that Disney shouldn't own DC:
And the last thing we really need is the House of Mouse in control of the entire comic book movie world. On the other hand, imagine the possibilities. Should Disney buy DC Comics, we’d finally get that Avengers vs. Justice League movie. And no, it won’t be directed by Joss Whedon.
Can't argue with that. Whedon's proven himself one of the most pretentious TV and film producers ever since. But I'm honestly not asking for a Marvel-DC movie teaming. And something tells me the films adapted from both companies are already getting worn anyway.

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Instapundit has commented that the culture war is really a class war. With the big media moguls like Disney and DC putting out media approved and written by the same people who gave 30,000 a plate lavish campaign contribution parties for Obama and Clinton. We are living in an era similar to the time of the robber barons who tried to control government policy until they were taken down by the anti-trust laws. Something that is sorely needed today to be applied to the digital and media robber barons.

"the culture war is really a class war" Because all lower class people are white, male and Protestant.

The robber barons manipulate both political parties in the US; the same guys contribute to both parties to make sure that the politicians take their calls no matter who wins the election. The Republicans get more corporate money, but the robber barons give to both parties and show their support for the Republicans by giving them more.

I would hate for Disney to buy DC. Or, for that matter, for Time Warner to buy Marvel. It would mean one company would have a virtual monopoly over the medium.

I would like it if Marvel would sell the Captain Marvel trademark to DC. Then Billy Batson's alter ego could be called by his rightful name.

When corporations merge, it usually means redundacies. Which means downsizing. So some Fox employees will be losing their jobs.

Rather a high price for having the Avengers meeting the X-Men, or for the Fantastic Four teaming up with the Guardians of the Galaxy, in a movie.

I wouldn't want DC Comics to be bought by Disney either, mostly because they've shopped for far too much companies as it is (I only barely tolerated the Fox deal because it may be the only way to get the pre-special editions of A New Hope released in full, since George Lucas has been rather notorious for burying it in favor of Special Editions that feature extensive edits, with the closest he's ever gotten to releasing them in full he pretty much did massive zoom-ins).

Besides, I'd argue that the various business purchases by Disney is causing a downgrade in quality to their mainline films. Other than Pixar films, the only Disney animation movies they're making right now are sequels to movies they've already made such as Wreck-It Ralph and Frozen. They even cancelled a Jack and the Beanstalk adaptation recently.

I should point out that, as bad as Marvel's doing under Disney, selling them to Time Warner's an even worse idea. Let's not forget that Time Warner's responsible for the horrible direction of those TV adaptations of various DC properties, like with Supergirl, Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow, Flash, heck, Gotham even, and they're just as bad with forcing in the SJW element as Disney is with Marvel (in fact, they're arguably even WORSE at it than Disney was).

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