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Monday, May 27, 2019 

Unused footage from Captain Marvel movie shows her torturing motorcyclist

Some movie footage that was left on the cutting room floor at Marvel/Disney studios surfaced, and it appears the scene where Brie Larson's take on the character robs a motorcyclist was worse than it looked in the finished product. As seen in the clip posted below:

What's even more disturbing is USA Today's sensationalizing this as taking on "toxic masculinity", which ignores how offensive it is that an otherwise tame motorist is being assaulted and robbed of his property by a lady we thought we're supposed to be rooting for. As noted on Bounding Into Comics:
This deleted scene shows an extended version of what was seen in theaters with Larson’s Captain Marvel physically assaulting and torturing a man in order to steal his motorcycle.

Carol Danvers states, “Here’s a proposition for you. You are going to give me your jacket, your helmet, and your motorcycle. In return, I’m going to let you keep your hand.”

After releasing the man she questions, “What no smile?”
Presumably, this scene was supposed to be an allusion to an alleged encounter she had with an airport employee who asked her for her number. But the way she went about it was ridiculous, acting as though a guy who wants to ask her out on a date is plain wrong, and her issues with people who say women like her should smile more often is also theater of the absurd.

But most alarming is that such a scene would be filmed in the first place. It makes Carol look like a criminal, and an outrageously distorted variation on the Terminator, when Arnold Schwartzenegger attacked some hoodlums to get some clothes. Clearly, the scene embarrassed the Disney/Marvel producers so much, they had it edited out of the final cut. If it had made to the silver screen, chances are the movie would've gotten more negative reviews, less money at the box office, and if I'd wasted my money seeing it, I would've come away feeling more than a bit disgusted at how all the man-bashing in the movie was taken to such extremes. It's obvious by now the film wasn't made under the best intentions.

Since we're on the subject, IDW is launching a licensed series of their own still starring Carol Danvers in the Capt. Marvel role, and the assigned writer smells fishy:
IDW Publishing is proud to announce the latest addition to their Marvel Action line of comics aimed at middle grade readers: Captain Marvel! From the stellar creative team of writer Sam Maggs (Marvel: Fearless and Fantastic! Female Super Heroes Save the World), artist Sweeney Boo (My Little Pony), and colorist Brittany Peer, the first thrilling chapter hits stores in August!
Is that the same Maggs who had what to do with the Spider-Man video game where Black Cat's cleavage was censored? In that case, we're not missing anything, and besides, if they're going to continue sticking Carol Danvers in such a role that's only watered her down horribly, and not restore her to the Ms. Marvel role, then there's honestly no point in doing this. The character of Carol's been ruined for eons to come.

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So according to USA Today, an action that would get anyone else arrested for assault and theft is "taking on toxic masculinity". This is the same logic behind Antifa's "punch a nazi".

Well, even more of a reason not to watch Captain Marvel. And considering Brie Larson has implied a desire to make a live action Metroid movie (https://twitter.com/brielarson/status/1058373685885657088), I'm actually dreading to see Brie Larson's take on Samus Aran (I'd actually take Other M's treatment of Samus over Brie Larson's likely portrayal of Samus were she to make that movie, at least the Samus from Metroid Other M isn't likely to outright hate males. Heck, she showed no disdain for males in the prequel manga or any of the Metroid games.). Don't want Samus to be ruined again in any way, let alone by Brie Larson, who already ruined Miss Marvel with her antics and that sorry excuse of a Captain Marvel movie.

The biker was hitting on her, and making a nuisance of himself, so I don't really have that much of an objection to her roughing him up a little.

The problem is seeing the scene in the context of Brie Larson's misandrist remarks and her petulan attitude in general.

In Wonder Woman, a jerk makes a nuisance of himself and Diana knocks him across the room. In Justice League, she shoves Bruce Wayne because he (maybe unintentionally) said something that offended her. The difference is that Gal Gadot wasn't going around IRL with a chip on her shoulder, constantly picking fights and taking offense at everything.

Also, the biker is such an exaggerated stereotype that most people have never even seen anyone act like that outside of bad movies and TV commercials.

At the time she roughed up the biker, she was in full Kree warrior mode, and had not yet recovered her human memories and identity.

If Lobo or Wolverine or the Punisher had been the ones to rough up a guy who was hassling them, would anyone complain, or would they be cheering them on and laughing?

In the Captain America Civil War movie, there is a scene where Bucky is trying to escape pursuit by literally pushing a rider off a speeding motorcycle as he grabs the motorcycle and rides off on it. That would have done more damage to the guy riding the bike - who never hassled Bucky and was just in the wrong place at the wrong time - than anything in the Captain Marvel movie, since the guy would have hit the pavement at high speed. This was when Bucky was in his right mind, not under Winter Soldier brainwashing. I don't think anyone has brought moral judgment down upon him over this.

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