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Wednesday, May 08, 2019 

Zircher goes way overboard

Artist Patrick Zircher must really be having issues lately, because the following tweet in a screencap he wrote really crosses the line:
Now that was throughly uncalled for, repellently nasty, and grounds for dismissal from any company whose editors hired him up until now. It's not like I care for much of the mainstream work van Sciver did, but that's still no excuse for Zircher's obscene wishing, and most of what he's worked on for mainstream isn't much better, recalling the Nightwing embarrassment from 15 years ago.

This is just a beginning sample of what he's been saying about Comicsgate and right-wingers in the past few days. Here's several more items he's written that keep getting worse as they go along:

On that note, did he ever call out vile men like Gerard Jones when he was still working in comicdom and manga for the gross felonies he supported, and was recently imprisoned for? This is such disgusting language he's using here, explaining perfectly what's wrong with the mentality on Twitter as a whole. He also had the following to say in response to a thread about van Sciver's Cyberfrog development:

That's like saying he's ashamed of something that would be deemed politically incorrect by today's vicious standards the left goes by. On which note, is he ashamed of that Nightwing monstrosity writer Devin Grayson certainly is today?

Let me guess. He's alluding to Dan Jurgens? Anyway, here's where his anti-Comicsgate rants become horrific:

Really? Because I read all these repellent comments he spewed out, and not a single funny one from Zircher. That's vulgar in the extreme, and won't win any more fans for him. Worst, we can't count on the Big Two to give him walking papers for being so rude to customers. The Quesada/DiDio bunch are simply not reliable. Here's still more:

What if the Comicsgator spent it on comics he thought were great quality? But then, Zircher clearly isn't in this gig for glory.

Unfortunately, modern superhero comics are far less about any of those themes, if at all. The Secret Empire crossover certainly confirmed that.

And he didn't experience any of the same? Or, was he a bully himself? It's sad to think about, but realistically speaking, not impossible. After all, he's doing it now...and being obsessive about Comicsgate.

You could say the same for male transgender ideology activists who want to cheat in women's sports and use the same bathrooms as women do. Come to think of it, you could also say it about the now unemployed DC editor Eddie Berganza, whom Zircher probably never bothered to call out for his offenses against women when it still mattered, and even former Dark Horse editor Scott Allie. So what's his point?

So he's saying those rightists who don't get blocked by him aren't because they're not Trump supporters? I'm sorry, that's still no excuse. He even wrote why he favors a certain Democrat senator:

She's done some pretty awful things herself, and her past job as a legal specialist doesn't change the fact she's one of many bad Dems today.

It makes no difference. What Zircher's doing is embarrassing in the extreme. And while he may seemingly respect Dixon, it doesn't appear Zircher's ever defended him after he got blacklisted by the Big Two, so his positive comments about Dixon are unsatisfying, and besides, did it ever occur to him some of the Comicsgators may also be Dixon fans? Indeed, why is Zircher alienating the core audiences of some writing pros?

Pictorial Trump-bashing, I see. Oh, how clever.

Well maybe the time's come they at least consider taking disciplinary action against him for stuff that could rate as a PR embarrassment. He wrote the above in reply to a thread about van Sciver being hired by Dynamite to draw them a few exclusive covers, which Zircher apparently despises. It's clear somewhere along the way, they had a bitter fallout, and Zircher's not going about this the right way.

And again, he won't ponder whether he's being the same. As for this rumor of an affair, are there any screencaps of those allegations? Otherwise, I can only assume this is some kind of "spite defamation" or something. Not a very good way to make a case.

After all the horrific comments he made, including those against van Sciver, why be surprised? All those "jokes" he made about Comicsgate were in most horrific taste, and only taint the medium all the more. As of now, there's undoubtably plenty of people who, even if they're not Comicsgate supporters per se, could still be spooked away from buying Zircher products. He really blew it this time, and any sensible pros in the medium who understand what a disfavor he's performed should distance themselves from such a bitter, petty man quickly. It's just truly awful, and very saddening.

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"Zircher Drops His Pants and Bares His Tiny Black Soul" would have been a better title. I doubt very much he knows any Republicans and if he does, I'm sure they would tell him exactly what he wants to hear as they wouldn't want to get punched. I've know a number of people with extreme anger issues like Zircher in comics and work hard to avoid them. Unfortunately, the magic of Twitter allows them to share their sad mental issues with everybody.

He does say he knows and respects Chuck Dixon, who is on the far right of the Republican Party.

Chuck Dixon isn't "far right." That's just a term clowns like you use to describe people who disagree with you.

Chuck Dixon: Clinton Cash. QAnon stories. Trump Space Force. WOrking with Vox Day on Alt*Hero. Villains who often turn out to be environmental terrorists or liberal show biz types. You cant go much further right without turning into a Nazi. At the same time, he is respectful of people who don't share his opinions. He would never call someone a clown just because they don't share his opinions; he has more class than that.

You're right, he prefers his fetishes and vices behind closed doors.

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