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Thursday, August 16, 2018 

Gerard Jones gets 6 years in prison for his child porn storage crimes

Finally, it looks like the sentencing of Gerard Jones has taken place for the child pornography felonies he was arrested for at least a year and a half ago:
Writer and historian Gerard Jones has been sentenced to 72 months in federal prison by United States District judge Vince Chhabria on Tuesday. Assistant United States attorney Meredith Osborn prosecuted the case, assisted by Lance Libatique.

Jones, 60, is scheduled to begin serving his sentence on November 30. Following his prison sentence, Jones is set for a supervised release period of five years. The writer has been court-ordered to pay an assessment of $10,200, as well as unspecified restitution to his victims to be determined at an October 4 hearing.
If he's ordered to pay monetary compensation, does this indicate he knew some of the victims? If that's the case, he really is demonic. This article also says:
Jones is known for his 1990s run on Green Lantern, which brought Hal Jordan out of retirement, as well as co-creating the UltraVerse character Prime. The California-based writer eventually segued to writing about comics in a series of books, including the 2005 Eisner Award-winning Men of Tomorrow: Geeks, Gangsters, and the Birth of the Comic Book.
Many of these writings will likely go out of print, or not be reprinted for a long time. As of now, the only Green Lantern and Wonder Man issues he scripted that were reprinted include those crossing over with issues of the Flash, Operation Galactic Storm and the Infinity War. But that's pretty awkward to say Jones "un-retired" GL, because after the 2nd volume was cancelled in 1988, Hal Jordan and company spent a year as a feature in Action Comics Weekly (and I think that's where artistically, GL began to self-destruct). Here's some more news at CBR:
Although Jones, 60, initially pleaded not guilty to the charges, he changed that plea in April, and in doing so admitted that he had uploaded a video containing child pornography to a private social-media channel. San Francisco police were tipped off to the video in September 2016, leading to the investigation, search and subsequent arrest.

[...] Jones worked for more than a decade as a comic writer, co-creating Prime and The Trouble with Girls at Malibu, and El Diablo at DC, and penning such titles as Green Lantern, Justice League and Hulk 2099. However, he’s become better known for his Eisner Award-winning book on comics history, Men of Tomorrow, and on violent entertainment, Killing Monsters: Why Children Need Fantasy, Super Heroes, and Make-Believe Violence.
As I may have once noted earlier, a man who'd commit such an abominable crimes as aiding/abetting child exploitation only makes the defense of violent entertainment look very, very bad. One more reason why Jones should be shunned, and his books boycotted. Why, in the past year or so since his arrest, I've had to inevitably reevaluate some of his work, and concluded it was not what it could've been. The beginning story for GL Vol. 3 took a pretty cheap path, making a Guardian into the foremost villain, and even before that, Emerald Dawn was crummy with its premise Hal got in cahoots with the law for drunk driving. Even the Wonder Man series and Justice League work Jones did weren't very impressive. I never read his work on Marvel's 2099 line, and after this scandal, I'm sure I wasn't missing anything. 6 years isn't even enough; he should've gotten at least ten. For now, he better show he's sorry by going voluntarily to the slammer, and if he's smart, he'll stay far away from the comics medium for the rest of his life.

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This made me really sick.. He is getting off the hook on this one, and people are going to know about it! I say we take up a writing campaign, and find out where he is being locked up at. Write as many inmates as we can, providing the horrible information, and truths to what this man did. If he is only getting 6 years, let's try to make them some of the worst years of his life. With any hopes, someone will shove a shank down his throat.

The suggestion to boycott his books is ridiculous. Period.

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