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Friday, June 28, 2019 

Thor's hammer inscription changed for the sake of PC

In another sign of political correctness in motion, the inscription on Thor's Uru hammer (also alternately named Mjolnir) was changed from "he" to "they" in the 6th part of War of the Realms, as seen above. Here's what was originally the inscription:
That's how it was originally, and today's writers won't respect it. Just another reminder that the modern PC movements never respected the late Stan Lee, and compounded all that by the way they insulted, exploited and threw him under the bus even before he passed away last year.

And since we're on the subject of this latest, needless crossover, the Hollywood Reporter reveals that Loki, not too surprisingly, has been revived:
You can’t keep a trickster down…and, in the case of Marvel’s Loki, that can be taken literally. Months after apparently killing the character off in the first issue of the event miniseries The War of the Realms, the final issue of the series sees his not entirely surprising resurrection.

In the opening chapter of the series — which spun out of the ongoing Thor comic book series, and saw Earth under attack from the many enemies of Asgard — Loki was apparently eaten by Laufrey, the king of the Frost Giants and, notably, Loki’s father, during the first wave of attacks. As Thor led a coalition of Earth’s heroes to fight against the invading horde, led by the ruler of the dark elves Malekith, the final confrontation with Laufrey appeared to fall to Daredevil…at first.
Isn't that rather hilarious, if the Frost Giant would be defeated by Daredevil, a superhero who, though he has a form of sci-fi power, is still way below the power levels of heroes like Thor and his cast? Yet this is the absurdity these literal-minded people want us to buy into these days, while fantasy elements are diluted for the sake of ludicrous directions full of PC.
Although superheroes and villains rarely stay dead for too long — especially ones with such name recognition as Loki — there’s an additional reason why this particular comic book return was something fans had been waiting for: Within a week of the character’s apparent death, Marvel announced an ongoing Loki comic book series to launch in July. In terms of spoiler self-owns, it’s one that’s hard to beat.
Well there's just one little thing. Loki's basically a villain, and I vaguely recall Joe Quesada stating in 2001 he believed villains should be given longer leases on life than heroes deserve. It goes without saying that's a most biased, insulting viewpoint, and if Valkyrie remains in the tomb, in sharp contrast to Loki, all for the sake of putting Jane Foster in her role as alleged compensation for putting Jane in Thor's role prior, then there's no reason to celebrate, and the trade journal's assertion Loki is a fan-favorite is honestly insulting. I'm a Thor fan, but I wasn't waiting for a solo book starring a guy who's otherwise a villain, even if not the worst compared to say, the Leader, Bullseye, Ultron, and Kang the Conqueror.

If Valkyrie's been left behind, there's nothing to appreciate in what's little more than another crossover that only serves to drain story value from the MCU in its entire.

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It is a semi-sentient magic hammer. It can change its inscription if it wants to. More practically, since Jane Foster was able to get the power of Thor by wielding the hammer, the language had to be changed to cover that.

The wording on the hammer was first shown to be changed magically in the October 2014 issue of
Thor, from he to she, when Jane first picked up the hammer. The new non-sexist language is a further variation.

Thor has always been male. If you want a female Norse warrior, come up with a new character. Don't make it so that anyone can be Thor. Kind of undermines the character. If anyone can be Thor, if anyone can pick up the hammer,it makes Thor meaningless a character.

Progressives ultimately destroy and deconstruct stories and characters by undermining "Continuity" meaning anything that defines the character. A character with no consistency is not a character but just a platform, a soap box for that creator's hang-ups.

Just don't be surprised if no one is invested in your character with no fixed history, age,race, gender, or personality.

The basic premise of the Lee/Kirby Thor since its first issue was that anyone could be Thor; whoever holds the hammer wields the power of Thor if he is worthy. So a lame doctor named Don Blake lifted it and gained the power of Thor. It was only later, through retroactive revision, that they established Don was really Thor all the time.

Since superheroes began, every successful character has a female spin off (Mary Marvel, Supergirl, Spiderwoman, She-hulk, Batgirl, Batwoman), a junior spinoff or sidekick (Capt Marvel Jr, Superboy,Robin, Kid Flash, Aqualad, Speedy, Wonder Girl, spidergirl), an anthrpomorphic animal spinoff of animal sidekick with the same powers (Krypto, Supercat, Superhorse, Supermonkey, Bat Hound, SpiderHam, Hoppy the Marvel Bunny) and often ethnic or black or regional versions (Mary Marvel and the Ltts Marvel, Batwing, Steel, War Machine). It can be tiresome but it is not progressive; it is to make money or to protect against copyright infringement by securing the trademark to all possible variations on the character's name.

"Just don't be surprised if no one is invested in your character with no fixed history, age,race, gender, or personality."

The problem is that when the publishers do decide to create characters with fixed history, age, race and gender, they are accused of tokenism, of forced diversity, of pandering, and of rampant SJWishness. You just can't win.

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