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Sunday, July 21, 2019 

Alan Moore writes an attack on Comicsgate

Moore may claim he wants to retire from comicdom, but he's still been involved in writing well after saying he'd withdraw. Now, in another dumb stunt attempting to defy irrelevancy, he writes his own absurd jab at the Comicsgate campaign in a joke letter, even after most other writers/artists have learned it'll do them no good:
Writer Alan Moore seems set to retire from comics with the release of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Vol. IV, The Tempest #6, on which he's working with artist Kevin O'Neill. However, the legendary comics writer didn't leave the business without making a statement on Comicsgate.

The letter reads, "Dear Al and Kev: As a middle-aged conservative incel sitting wedged behind my keyboard, trolling Alexandria Ocasio Cortez with my Batman T-shirt covered in Pringles, can I just ask, with a straight face, why you're leaving the comics business? Yours, Hiram J. Comicsgate III, Oklahodahio." The response from Moore and O'Neill is an equally tongue-in-cheek response, reading at one point, "You're the most intelligent and appreciative we could ever have hoped for."

The letter is a joke written by Moore, as each issue of the series features obviously fake letters for the creative team to answer.
Well he's awfully late to the game, as most other writers who were making fools of themselves attacking a movement intended to call for artistic improvements finally cut it out by the end of last year. Still, it's a shame that a guy who you might think wanted to challenge establishment rule would  stoop to this.

And is he really retiring from comicdom? These scribes all say stuff, but it later turns out this is hardly the case. I honestly wish Moore would, since that way, we could retain our ability to be impressed with his past resume much better than this idiocy allows us to do. A real shame folks like him can't just keep their mouths shut, as they've clearly got nothing more to say.

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Comicsgate, in the period when it existed, was a call for changing or adding political bias and for cultural rigidity; it had nothing to do with artistic improvement, denigrating artistic books for their liberal base and extolling second rate hacks for their conservative bias.

Problem is no-one is allowed to joke about anyone anymore; why shouldn't Moore be allowed to write a joke letter? He is not doing it because he thinks it will do him good; he is doing it because he has a sense of the absurd. This is the guy who wrote the ballad of the sinister ducks, remember? Why is a sense of humor allowed only when making fun of the enemy?

I don't think Diversity and Comics was calling for culturally rigidity, but was dismayed by sjw creators feeling that they need to attack and denigrate their so called oppressors, meaning anyone who is outside their spot on the intersectional matrix, all the while turning in really bad work for the most part, and calling anyone who doesn't their bad work a bigot.

There is no audience for sjw books. They are NOT artistic. The art and writing are not the selling points for stuff like Lumberjanes, it's social message. There is a mob of supporters online that translates to very few readers in real life. Sales to institutions does not mean there is massive influx of new readers.

"Problem is no-one is allowed to joke about anyone anymore"
we can blame liberals for that one. Particularly, liberal women.
It's women who can't take a joke and are easily offended.
Oh,and sissies like you.

elton john is gay but people still like his work because he is good at what he does.

he has earned their respect.

he didn't demand it. he earned it.

Obviously, Comicsberate people can't take a joke and are easily offended. Hence the reaction to Alan Moore above.

It's not a joke. It's an insult told in all seriousness. It's literally the go-to insult creators and industry insiders go for in response to criticism, along with "nazi" and bigot, you lying piece of shit.

"It's not a joke. It's an insult told in all seriousness. It's literally the go-to insult creators and industry insiders go for in response to criticism, along with "nazi" and bigot, you lying piece of shit."

It was actually kind of funny. I think that this poster's reaction just proved the point; he can't take a joke, doesn't know how to be witty in response, and only likes jokes if they are at the expense of other people.

In fairness to Mike, it was probably the word "Incel" that Incensed him, not the joke as a whole. It is a sore spot with him.

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