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Wednesday, August 28, 2019 

Newly hired showrunner for planned Muslim Ms. Marvel TV series has history of attacking white men

Via Cosmic Book News, here's a video by Douglas Ernst describing what he found when researching the work of Bisha K. Ali, the would-be comedian hired as a producer for Marvel Studios' planned TV series based on the Muslim propaganda in publication since 2012, which is clearly continuing publication entirely for propaganda and virtue-signaling. As explained, what's happened was:
Following in the footsteps of James Gunn, Rian Johnson and others, Bisha K. Ali has deleted thousands of tweets of her own.

Douglas Ernst, a writer for The Washington Times, points out that Bisha K. Ali has deleted upwards of 5000 tweets, with her Twitter account now in "protected" mode, which means that only "approved followers" can follow her Twitter account. [...]

"What the heck is going on here?" questioned Ernst. "Then I go on YouTube and find out she is a raging feminist, has all sorts of podcasts. There was one I was looking into yesterday, she was telling stories about how she was this heroic feminist, standing up to the white men because they were at a comedy club and this particular comedian was telling jokes she didn't like, so she had to blow up on him and start swearing at him, and that just made her day, that made her week."

Ernst further points out that one of the tweets from Bisha K. Ali's Twitter accounts says, "I am so TIRED of the 5 million podcasts hosted by all white men who snigger over how immature they are." As noted, since the tweets are protected (they can show on Google search), it is unclear if the tweets contain Ali's words or another Twitter user, but apparently, she happens to be attracting these sorts of similar-minded people.

"I would love to know why is this all down the memory hole," Ernst questions, again referencing the fact that Bisha K. Ali's tweets are protected and that she has deleted thousands of tweets.
Everyone with sense would like to know. This sounds like a very reprehensible, perverse woman who's carrying on an anti-white narrative that's become a disturbing trend on the left in the past decade, and should be put to bed already.

This should be enough to have Ali dismissed from the show's staff, or better yet, cancel the project altogether. But Disney probably won't, seeing how they practically rehired James Gunn despite his own repulsive history of horrific jokes online. It's long gotten to the point where corporations won't take any responsibility for whom they employ.

Update: and since we're on the subject, Sana Amanat, who, along with G. Willow Wilson, brought the Muslim Ms. Marvel about, has been posting more atrocious political tweets like this one:

More about this on Bounding Into Comics. And Amanat's got no issues with Ilhan Omar's affair with a married Democrat named Tim Mynett, nor the disturbing antisemitism Omar's already gained notoreity for, which Alabama Republicans now want her expelled from Congress for. Alas, no chance Disney will take disciplinary action against Amanat either.

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No physical attacks, no widespread recognition.

Ali is learning a lesson a lot of millenials have had to learn. You grow up online, exchanging off the cuff remarks and with your on line friends, making dumb comments on the spur of the moment without any thought to consequences - and then you start looking for work IRL and suddenly every odd comment you made in your life is out there for the price of a google search. I feel her.

"And Amanat's got no issues with Ilhan Omar's affair with a married Democrat named Tim Mynett," - why should she? You want Amanat to get all holier-than-thou and denounce the possible affair for the sake of virtue-signalling? Its none of her business and she would look pompous and silly if she took a stand on it.

You know Green, I don't think it would kill you to do some basic research on a subject before you post about it. You work in a library so you have no excuse about not having enough research material to work with.

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