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Tuesday, August 27, 2019 

Screen Rant thinks it's "interesting" Carol Danvers would turn evil

With all the disastrous retcons and other alterations made to the real Ms. Marvel having taken their toll, Marvel's making things worse with a story where Carol Danvers turns evil and attacks the Avengers, which CBR's film counterpart Screen Rant approaches with predictable sugarcoating:
Captain Marvel is losing her powers in the comics, but Carol Danvers's life is going to get even more interesting once she takes a stunning turn towards the dark side. Marvel has revealed Carol's new look, and with a new costume comes a new mission: Kill The Avengers.

It turns out that recent storyline that made Captain Marvel the most hated hero on Earth may have pushed her farther from humanity than even her critics expected. The new plot synopsis and cover art shows Carol's shift from light to dark without any words needed. But as comic fans will imagine how good her new suit would look in a live action movie, her quest to kill her former Avengers teammates is a story MCU fans WON'T want to see--but will still get to decide for themselves when this new arc, "The Last Avenger," begins in the pages of Captain Marvel #12 this November.
So, they're falling onto a cliched allegation a character seriously becomes more interesting if they become evil. It's a very denigrating idea that practically obscures why scriptwriters are to be held accountable for failure to make superheroes and heroic co-stars interesting, and fictional characters can't be held responsible for lack of personality and other worthy qualities.

One of the most offensive things about this storyline is how it looks like she's wearing a suit close to her original 2nd outfit in design, and they ruin everything by making her evil. Personally, I find it offensive to depict evil as "sexy" in fiction, and certainly if it isn't balanced out with portrayals that are less physically attractive. And I wouldn't be shocked if quite a few of the anti-sex social justice advocates view the evil-as-sexy portrayals as acceptable, based on their Orwellian positions today.
The new series from writer Kelly Thompson has shaken up the status quo in some major ways, despite having only a half a dozen issues thus far. Captain Marvel has started losing her powers, been publicly outed as half-Kree, and seen the world turn against her as a presumed alien spy. In other words: she has reason to be angry. Those reasons will apparently fuel a turn towards deadly darkness in the next series arc [...]
Whether the anguish is justified, it most certainly isn't to take it out on the Avengers. What they're doing to her is something even the original Capt. Marvel, Mar-Vell of the Kree, never went through himself after he'd defected. It's bad enough Marvel turned Iceman homosexual, and now they're going by a status quo where Carol is at least half-alien, instead of a full Earthwoman, and worse, they're now putting her in the role of a goodie driven insane, one of the most vile, irritating cliches in superhero comicdom.
Since you don't promise a "dark" transformation and a mission to kill your former Avenger friends without knowing the response, writer Kelly Thompson took to Twitter to address the news directly. Hoping fans will wait to see the story play out for themselves, her enthusiasm is sure to raise hopes for those already enjoying her time at the helm
Oh, I don't think so. Most of the writing's been so Mary Sue-ish already, and has seen one volume after another canceled, as is sure to happen with this one too, so nobody's fooled this time either. Carol may not remain darkly insane, but this story does nothing to restore any trust in Marvel's collapsing reputation.

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