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Thursday, August 22, 2019 

She loses her powers but at least has her own batcave

Polygon's written up a sugary article about a few new comics for the week they actually believe are the best, and reveal where the Captain Marvel series in its umpteenth volume is going:
Avengers tower — currently standing in the donated body of a dead Celestial — is nifty, but every Avenger needs their own home base. In this week’s Captain Marvel, we got a look at the inner sanctum of Carol Danvers, complete with the traditional giant computer bank, underwater entrance, and glass tubes full of old costumes.

So at least if her powers are going haywire, the public has turned against her, and the Air Force stripped her of rank for being half-alien, she has a place to get away from it all. The current Captain Marvel ongoing from expert writer Kelly Thompson does not lack for drama, but it doesn’t let anyone forget that Carol has a lot of cool and helpful friends at all levels of the Marvel Universe, from Jessica Jones and Spider-Woman to Iron Man himself. [...]

Right when Carol’s powers have started to fail and her public image has taken a hit, a brand new superheroine keep showing up at all of her battles and upstaging her. COINCIDENCE?
Hardly. This all hints at where they're going now that the movie didn't exactly earn the accolades they were hoping for, so now, they're downplaying Carol's role in the spotlight, and according to this CBR item, may be replacing her with a mystery character currently known as Star. Whether heroine or villainess isn't clear, but then, what does it matter? This is just a mere example of Marvel's continued downhill journey. The idea Carol has her own huge laboratory-like hideaway is almost hilarious. It would be one thing if it were Avengers Mansion, but while early stories with Carol in the Bronze Age showed she was well off and owned a penthouse, giving her a whole secret headquarters is going awfully far in believability. And Thompson an "expert"? What a laugh.

Whatever they're planning with Carol, it doesn't sound appealing, and only compounds the damage they've been inflicting for nearly a decade on her character.

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I have...questions.

1> Why would the Air Force strip her of rank when she didn't even know she'd be retconned into being half-alien by birth instead of by science accident? Would it really make a difference?

2> Why are her powers haywire AGAIN!? Why does Carol have so many power problems? Are they going to make her alcoholic again, too? They keep teasing it with Tony.

3> The Avengers's current headquarters is the corpse of a Celestial? What?

Seriously, what is going on in the Marvel universe lately? No wonder DC and Marvel keep losing readers. Dumb things keep happening in their universes.

BTW, Avi Green? Since you make various posts defending Stan Lee and also calling out Marvel's current management for its distasteful treatment of his creations and of him, I think you might like this article about Stan Lee's daughter, where she actually calls out Disney and Marvel's executives: https://www.cnbc.com/2019/08/22/stan-lees-daughter-sides-with-sony-in-spider-man-spat-with-disney.html

Kind of wish she called out Hillary Clinton since, well, she did hang him up to dry over that illegal Hollywood fundraiser.

And as a bit of sad news, Marvel Star Wars will end this year (well, maybe not quite sad, since it was bound to happen sooner or later since, SCAR Trooper storyline aside, or at least the little of it I could read, most of it was as much junk as most of the Star Wars films made by Disney barring Rogue One): https://io9.gizmodo.com/marvels-star-wars-series-is-coming-to-a-close-this-nove-1837482622

Yes, I'm working on a post about Lee's daughter now, thanks.

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