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Monday, September 16, 2019 

Bendis and Rucka will force Superman to reveal his secret ID as Clark Kent

What might've once been considered an okay plot does not work well when you have somebody as disrespectful as Brian Bendis and Greg Rucka happen to be running the show. Comic Book (via Heroic Hollywood) reported:
For decades, people have wondered about the man behind the Man of Steel, hoping to find out the true identity of Superman. And while Lex Luthor, Bruce Wayne, and countless other characters have managed to deduce the character's identity, Clark Kent has managed to stay one step ahead of everyone so far. But now, the new solicits indicate that Kent is taking his fate into his own hands in future storylines, with the comic books Lois Lane and Superman indicating that he'll finally come clean to the denizens of Metropolis.
The 18th Superman story Bendis wrote seems to go by this, but for now, what's eyebrow raising is - denizens?!? I can only guess...the city's destroyed or teleported to some other dimension? Oh, who cares? With Bendis at the helm, you know something's bound to go wrong. Also, while Lex Luthor may have figured out Clark Kent was Superman in the early 2000s, a rival villain may have erased that knowledge soon after.

Then, here's the Lois Lane story by Rucka where it becomes clearer what's going to happen:
Someone wanting to kill Lois Lane is nothing new for the famed reporter, but is it because of something she knows or something she’s about to uncover? Plus, this issue ties to the events of December’s Superman #18 and the gigantic status quo shift for both Lois and her husband, Superman, when the Man of Steel decides to reveal his identity to the world.
Under shoddy writers like these, it can only rate as worthless. Even if exposure of the secret lasts longer than it did for Spider-Man when Peter Parker unmasked during Civil War, a crossover Bendis was involved in, he is so full of contempt for fandom, there's no point in considering this worth buying. Besides, Iron Man unmasked over 15 years ago when Mike Grell penned his botched run, and it made no genuine impression on anyone, and was abandoned since. Just think: First, in a wretched story by David Goyer 8 years ago, Supes gives up his US citizenship. Now, he gives up his secret ID behind the glasses.

Maybe the idea of Superman and his sidekicks dropping their secret IDs could have potential. But not under writers as undeserving of their jobs as Bendis and Rucka happen to be.

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How can you force a fictional character to do something?

avi iasn't the most articulate person but he IS right.
Superman would never give up his secret identity willingly. It is out of character for him.

This is more attempt at deconstructing superman. They already tried to remove his human-ness and make him feel more alienated from humanity, pun intended, during the New 52 era at DC.

deconstruction in the superhero genre is done by"foward-looking" progressive, aka liberal creators.

Instead of just saying the character is obsolete our out of step with current cultural values, they want to keep flogging a dead horse.

No one under the age of 40 sees Superman as an inspirational character,

Creators who think like Jekylhyde14

Posted By Jekylhyde14
"My generation no longer believes in the myth of work and toil being the path to righteousness for the sake of work and toil. We've watched the American farmer toil only to be exploited and forced to sell his farm out to the big corporations. We've watched our parent's strive with hard work and ambition only to see them grow into their mid-life crises and pilfered social security and retirement funds. We've watched the biggest, meanest bullies rise to the top and stay there no matter how hard they work or what mistakes they make. Now we're being told that if we want things to get better we have to put our noses to the grindstone in the same system that has done all that? " https://tinyurl.com/y3pt55gz

are better off penning their violent political revolutions, chronicles about anti-heroes constantly breaking rules no really believes in anymore, or characters that actually reflect their/current widely shared cultural values.

Otherwise, we're going to have people continue to project themselves into the characters, and write the character, out-of-character, because their belief that all characters are BLANK SLATES ready to be filled with "social conditioning"

Posted By Jekylhyde14
"My" Superman took his rural background and the strength and wisdom he gained from it and combined it with the intellect and understanding of his Kyrptonian heritage. Remember, the Silver Age Superman had perfect memory recall so he could remember what it was like to live in an advanced, colorful civilization that probably had more in common with New York City or Boston than Smallville, Kansas."


To them,
Superman's status as hero is relative. I mean, who's to say he's not a mass murderer? He could be...it's just a matter of how you interpret his lore.

Here's an example of someone "redefining" and reinventing something outside of comics. www.gaystarnews .com/article/gay-christian-jesus-polyamorous/

What, no cries to destroy academia this time Mike?

"No one under the age of 40 sees Superman as an inspirational character,"

What, not even the librarians? I dunno - the Smallville tv show isn't that old, and it had a lot of fans who didn't even know Clark was a comic book character.

I sympathize with the Superman writers. You can either retell the same old stories - which gets boring, so that the staleness is picked up on even by readers who never saw the originals - or you try something new and alienate the cranky old fans who think they know the character better than you do. It is a hard road to travel.

The problem is that one person's deconstructionism is the next person's essentialism. (Just look at Antonio Scalia.) Is the president making America great again by restoring essential American values he shares with Putin and Kim Jong Un, or is he deconstructing all the norms on which America was founded while pandering to lost European-Americans? Take your pick.

And don't be surprised if Clark's identity reveal lasts as long as the Peter Parker one a few years back, or the Cap as Nazi fake that so many people fell for.

Didn't we already do this story a few years ago with Superman of the New 52, when Lois exposed him without permission to keep him from being blackmailed? Superman NEEDS his Clark Kent identity. It's what allows him to retain his humanity. It's how we the audience better connect to him. Superman is not a "god", but a man with superhuman powers. He needs that time to be part of the human race and "killing" Clark off will take that away. Why do they keep letting Bendis run the Superman mythology?

"The problem is that one person's deconstructionism is the next person's essentialism."
No, it's not. This is why the government needs to stop throwing money at colleges, willy-nilly . It's producing "global citizens" like you who is essentially any opinion from a liberal, no matter how biased or psychotic is valid. If I say Obama is this generation's MLK, and I'm a liberal, I'm absolutely correct. If your education cannot permit you to see how stupid that is, I'd ask for a refund.

Trump is not a dictator. If you believe that you have mental problems.

So if colleges produced people who believe that even the most outrageous opinion produced by conservatives is valid, would you be okay with that?

Trump is more a wannabe dictator. His strongest ties with foreign leaders are with the dictators, and he expresses contempt for leaders of democratic countries.

Is anonymous mike saying that reasonable people cannot disagree on what are the core essential characteristics of a particular fictional icon? talk about dictatorship...!

That type of thinking lets the inmates run the asylum on fictional properties, whether its for good or bad depends on your tastes.

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