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Sunday, September 15, 2019 

Polygon gushes over the demise of some of the mutants in Hickman's X-Men

Some more of Polygon's sugarcoated takes on overrated ideas. Case in point: the deaths of X-Men in Jonathan Hickman's relaunch of the franchise:
To be fair, not all of the X-Men died, but a pretty decent number of the biggest ones did. And we know that some, if not all, of the characters who died in House of X #4 will be alive again in time for October, when they’ll appear in Marvel’s upcoming slate of new X-books, Dawn of X.

But it was the way that the X-Men died that made House of X #4 the biggest topic of conversation in comics last week. Even though the storyline is literally about a character who can restart X-Men history whenever she wants, the violent, valiant deaths of the X-Men packed a surprisingly emotional punch. And the final pages of the issue brought that theme home in an even more emphatic way. [...]

In the final pages of House of X #4, the series’ tidy, impersonal charts seem to be overwhelmed by Professor X’s emotions, as the X-Men die to prevent another mutant genocide and he declares “No more.” Are you reading this book yet?
No way. I've long ceased to take these fawning tactics at face value. If Hickman believes some mutants must become sacrifices for the sake of emphasizing death, he's perpetuated a tasteless modern method of storytelling. We could seriously do without it. Violent deaths for the sake of violence doesn't work anymore.

They also gave a brief take on Brian Bendis' work on Legion of Super-Heroes: Millenium #1:
Brian Michael Bendis takes the reader on a whistle stop tour of the known future of the DC Universe, including the pockets of Batman Beyond and Kamandi, all in the pursuit of setting up the return of the Legion of Superheroes, a group of teenagers from the far future who are inspired by 20th century history to become intergalactic peacekeepers. We follow little-known vigilante Rose Thorn through time, each new era illustrated by a fantastic artist.
The art sample they provide here doesn't look particularly "fantastic". But then, these kind of sites took it upon themselves to approach artwork from a very dumbed down perspective for nearly a decade now. One more item they gushed over is Harley Quinn: Breaking Glass:
Harley Quinn: Breaking Glass is the best of DC Comics’ YA books so far — which makes sense, since it’s coming from one of the best writers in the YA graphic novel scene, Mariko Tamaki, and the incredibly talented pen of Steve Pugh. Pictured above: (Poison) Ivy screaming at the president of the film club, who refuses to show any movies directed by women.
This is just so hilarious for all the wrong reasons. I've sometimes been at film festivals in the past where movies directed by women like Sofia Coppola were prominently featured, so this dumb social justice tale just falls flat on its face.

And that's another sample of Polygon's pathetic gushing, which doesn't impress one bit.

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Polygon sure to be overjoyed after learning that mutants have infinite extra lives thanks to the set-up Hickman's created.

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