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Monday, October 07, 2019 

Kickstarter rejected a project by Mike S. Miller because of his right-leaning positions

The Daily Wire tells about artist Mike Miller's rejection by Kickstarter for his Lonestar comics, because he took a stand against MS-13:
Mike S. Miller, a right-leaning comic book artist with 27 years experience, designed a crowdfunding campaign for his hero, Lonestar. He describes the character as a “super patriot” who battles evil alongside fellow warriors.

The character isn’t partisan on paper, although he says superheroes who are unabashedly heroic and believe in self-sacrifice are suddenly viewed from an ideological prism. A future “Lonestar” comic will take on an Antifa-style group, says Miller, who contributed to the Injustice Series for DC Comics, among other gigs.

He initially wanted to use IndieGoGo.com for “Lonestar’s” crowdfunding launch, knowing the site has an apolitical reputation. Miller decided to give Kickstarter.com a chance first. The latter site boasts a broad cultural footprint, even though some conservatives fear it tips the scales in favor of the Left.

Miller noticed the site’s “things we love” category routinely highlights campaigns with “left-wing” agendas.

“They push those projects hard and often,”
he says. [...]

Miller says Kickstarter initially approved his “Lonestar” campaign. Later, after he began uploading a few sample pages from the project, the company changed course.

“However, after a careful review, we’ve determined that your project cannot be approved for launch,” Team Kickstarter said.

Miller combed through the site’s rules of conduct, making sure his story didn’t run afoul of any existing guidelines. He even removed comic book pages featuring an MS-13 style group getting beaten up by his hero. Part of the story in question found Lonestar coming to the aid of a black woman caught in the gang’s clutches.

That tweak didn’t help. In fact, Kickstarter later rejected the campaign outright.
From the description of the incident here, it sounds like Kickstarter's staff wound up being racist and sexist, if they think coming to the aid of a black woman and saving her from a gang of racists is unacceptable. Which says quite a bit about what the left really thinks, ever since the Civil War era in the 19th century.
Miller, who is half Japanese, thinks the only reason Kickstarter would nix his campaign is if it thought the gang criminals represented a “marginalized group.”

“It’s clear that they put their political ideology above their desire to serve artists, creators, and customers. This is not how you should do business in America. It’s shameful,” Miller says.
Depending on the severity of the deeds in any company like this that lets their politics get the better of their egos, nobody should be giving them any financial backing, and it's regrettable how many companies like Kickstarter do that, and won't even take accountability for their revolting conduct. Miller's since put his campaign on Indiegogo instead, and if companies like them wisely refrain from being partisan and discriminatory, that's why it's preferable to do business with them instead.

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How good was the actual story anyway?

Well, you have to admit that even if the project went through, Kickstarter and Indigogo have produced some lemons in the past.

Sounds and looks like the kind of comic you usually hate. - ideologically driven, ugly derivative art.

I don't think Green cares about the ideologically driven or ugly derivative art parts since its conservative instead of liberal.

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