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Monday, December 09, 2019 

Marvel supports transgender propaganda hurtful to children

Bounding Into Comics reported that Marvel's not only publishing a propaganda item starring a real life child transgender activist, they're even contradicting their previous claims they want to avoid political issues:
Marvel Comics and Marvel Studios partnered to turn transgender child activist Rebekah into a Marvel superhero named Mighty Rebekah.

Marvel Studios documented Rebekah’s transgender activism in New Jersey in their Marvel’s Hero Project series that airs on Disney Plus.

Rebekah partnered with Garden State Equality to campaign for the New Jersey legislature to mandate LGBTQ history curriculum in public schools. The bill was passed and signed into law by New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy. It goes into effect next year.

The Advocate reports the episode shows Rebekah as a “role model for other young trans people in a support group and a singer in her Christian church, where her father is a pastor.”
Whatever kind of a church this is, it has to be a very left-wing extremist kind to condone such atrocious child abuse, mental or otherwise. And all this time, there's children suffering abuse from this kind of propaganda, like in this case from Texas, where the mother was trying to force a son to live and dress as a girl. And transgender activists destroying girls' privacy. None of which concerns these radical extremists. The interview from the LGBT site quotes the subject telling them:
“Faith guides me in my activism by giving me something else to teach other people. There’s a lot of [misconceptions] that being LGBTQ, you cannot be Christian or you can’t be loved by God. But in truth, God made you who you are and God does not make mistakes. So you’re meant to be yourself.”
And if this is a boy in focus, then he shouldn't be trying to act like he's the opposite sex, which is far from being himself. He's right about one thing though: God doesn't make mistakes, but flesh-and-blood humans do. Including the propaganda parent[s] who indoctrinated the poor kid. If God made the kid a boy, then they're insulting God with their indoctrination to act like he's something he's not. Seriously.
“The Bible says that God accepts everyone and loves everyone for who they are. And the Bible also says that we should love one another. And by using the Bible as a weapon, it’s abusing the power of these words.”
Umm, in that case, shouldn't he look at himself in the mirror? Because one of the 10 Commandments states, "Thou Shalt Not Use God's Name In Vain". The young activist also says:
“I want to tell trans kids that they’re not alone. That there’s nothing wrong with them. There are people fighting for them and they should keep being themselves no matter what.”
And those fighting for them are not "wokesters" like this "Rebekah". Rather, it's people like Donald Trump and Texas governor Greg Abbott. Oh, and do tell the frustrated parent in Texas there's nothing wrong with his son, please. Also tell concerned parents with daughters menaced by this lunacy there's nothing wrong with them either, if you will.

The youth and his dad might want to consider that in Islamic societies, the LGBT ideology they're advocating is considered abominable, and something tells me the biggest oxymoron in all this subject matter is that most LGBT activists have no issue with that. Which just confirms they're only pushing their insanity to destroy western values of sanity and civility.

Marvel's willingness to associate themselves in both comics and television with this propaganda not only constitutes endorsement of child abuse, it's also a contradiction of their earlier claim they wanted to avoid political issues. If they really wanted to avoid blatant politics, they'd realize it must apply equally to all the most divisive issues. This is reason enough to boycott their current comics and their TV/film productions. In the year following Stan Lee's demise, they really have produced serious embarrassment, and it reflects very badly on C.B. Cebulski.

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"The youth and his dad might want to consider that in Islamic societies, the LGBT ideology they're advocating is considered abominable, and something tells me the biggest oxymoron in all this subject matter is that most LGBT activists have no issue with that."

There are competing views about trans-gender issues in Islam. Iran allows, subsidizes and encourages sex-change surgery, and a lot of operations are done there.




"Which just confirms they're only pushing their insanity to destroy western values of sanity and civility."

I would think that Western values of civility would mean that a person gets to decide for herself who she is, rather than having you decide for her.

Western values of civility do not depend on the blatant denial of reality.

Tr*ns is a choice. Being gay is not. The Walt Disney Company should be shut down.

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