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Tuesday, May 19, 2020 

Women were behind the TV cartoons now despised for "toxic masculinity"

Clownfish TV posted this item on their Twitter account revealing that the leading showrunner behind several TV cartoons from the 80s and 90s now accused by the PC crowd of "toxic masculinity" happens to be a woman, Margaret Loesch, and there was another one by the name of Gwen Wetzler involved in production of the He-Man cartoon. One of the respondents even cited Susan Maria Blue, another voice actress/producer working in US-Canadian animation at the time. So, if anybody's distorting history to justify where the dreadful cartoons of today are going, it's clear they despise past representatives because they weren't extreme enough in their politics, and entertaining the audience is unacceptable; only indoctrination is. In the end, these so-called advocates for inclusivity have only succeeded in telling everyone they're...sexist.

Since we're on the subject, the new, politically correct She-Ra cartoon's just demonstrated it's really all about promoting LGBT ideology some more, as a certain relationship was just brought to the fore:
Since She-Ra and the Princesses of Power debuted on Netflix in 2018, showrunner Noelle Stevenson, the cast and crew have all agreed on one thing: The relationship between Adora and Catra is the heart's blood of the series. In the Season 5 finale, their relationship reaches a new height as they join the ranks of canon queer couples in kids' cartoons -- and fans are rightfully ecstatic.
And which fans would those be? Of the old, or the new? Be more specific or there's no point in telling us. And "rightfully"? Well, I suppose that's at least telling something.
The two-part series finale, aptly entitled "Heart," allows Catra to fully redeem herself. It also gives viewers the pay-off they've been hoping for since She-Ra debuted: Adora and Catra not only exchange "I love yous," but a passionate first kiss that fully reawakens the dormant spirit of She-Ra living in Adora's heart, bringing the warrior back in a permanent way.

This moment is huge. It marks a moment of significant character growth for Catra, who's refused to openly acknowledge her feelings for Adora for years. Likewise, it pushes Adora to acknowledge her own feelings and gives the pair the chance to be fully honest with each other.

Perhaps most important about this long-awaited kiss, however, is the fact that it allows Adora and Catra -- fondly referred to by the She-Ra fandom as Catradora -- to join the ranks of canon queer couples in kids' cartoons. The Legend of Korra heavily implied a same-sex relationship in its finale; Steven Universe established multiple queer characters and relationships, including a lesbian couple who loved each other so much they fused in order to never spend a moment apart; after years of fans questioning whether Cartoon Network would allow it, Adventure Time featured Marceline and Princess Bubblegum kissing on-screen.
Look who's talking. A bunch of buffoons who believe homosexuality is something children should actually be taught, even as all sorts of PC advocates believe anything involving heterosexuality is something they shouldn't be. This is "protect the children" hypocrisy at its worst.

And let's not forget the obscuring of women's roles in past animation, one of the most offensive acts coming from the social justice advocates. It goes without saying they also sadly obscure notable comic illustrators like Marie Severin, who had a huge mountain of work for Marvel in art, coloring and inking.

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Margaret Loesch wasn't just a producer; she was also a feminist. She strove to put strong women characters into shows like the X-Men so that the shows would appeal to young girls.

As she explained, "Part of my goal, quest I guess, is to prove that little girls liked action/adventure as much as boys. We didn't show it as much, we didn't go out buy action figures, like boys. We didn't even play like boys. But from a story perspective, girls like action, girls like suspense, girls like mysteries, girls like special effects.

"Nobody could have been more gratified when Wonder Woman came out and was a hit than yours truly. Because it proved exactly what I felt and had been saying for years. Power Rangers was considered a boys show, but it had strong girl appeal, and as a matter of fact our audience breakdown was that at least 40 percent of the audience were girls. X-Men was the same."

Marie Severin isn't obscured by the nefarious social justice villains! She is a feminist icon. Just ask Trina Robbins.

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