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Sunday, July 26, 2020 

A manga book wins an Eisner award category, but so too does a propagandist

Kyodo News announced an English-language translation of a manga book has won in the Eisner awards' foreign categories:
The English edition of a Japanese manga series about a young girl aspiring to be a witch has received the Eisner award, considered to be the Oscars of the comic industry, a Japanese publisher said Saturday.

Kodansha Ltd. said Kamome Shirahama's work "Witch Hat Atelier," published by its U.S. affiliate, won the Best U.S. Edition of International Material - Asia, one of the categories of the Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards.
I figure that's the good news, if it's a great story, and most mangakas do try to base their efforts on merit. But now the bad news: as revealed by Newsarama/Games Radar, a comic coming from Dark Horse, written by a certain propaganda specialist, also won at least 2 awards:
'Best New Series' and 'Best Painter/Digital Artist' awards were handed out for artist Christian Ward and writer G. Willow Wilson's Invisible Kingdom, published by Dark Horse Comics.
Sigh. This is the bad news, and indicative of how the Eisners have been dominated by leftist ideologues over the years, who've given nepotist favorings to writers/artists/editors with shady portfolios. Including, if I notice correctly, one who's worked for Marvel before:
'Best Continuing Series': Bitter Root, by David Walker, Chuck Brown, and Sanford Greene (Image)
Ah, I'd written about that series before, written by the same Walker who wrote Occupy Avengers. And Brown has at least one fishy product on his resume as well. And then, there's a GN by a certain veteran actor turned activist:
'Best Reality-Based Work': They Called Us Enemy, by George Takei, Justin Eisinger, Steven Scott, and Harmony Becker (Top Shelf)
This looked mighty fishy when advertised some time ago too, and while Takei's role in Star Trek is a very significant moment in history, his far-left politics put quite a cloud over what's come since. I think there's at least one more item on the list of award choices here that's troubling:
'Best Writer': Mariko Tamaki, Harley Quinn: Breaking Glass (DC); Laura Dean Keeps Breaking Up with Me (First Second/Macmillan); Archie (Archie)
I've said it before, and I'll say it again, the way Harley Quinn's been promoted to such a big thing despite her otherwise being a villainess is so sad. When here, there have been other 3rd-tier lady protagonists in comic history worth building stories around that would make far better items to promote and market, provided the writing and art are talented.

Whether the manga book makes a good choice, it's regrettable quite a few leftists are considered good company by the people now running the Eisner awards, based on just how filled with propaganda their offerings are.

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If you read the Invisible Kingdom series, you might change your mind. The artwork is stunning. The story deals with issues of faith, but the fictional science fiction religion seems more related to Catholicism than Islam, and the story deals with the issue of religious commitment in general. The characters display very different and contradictory viewpoints, airing more than one side of the issue; it ain't propaganda.

The George Takei book Is worth reading too, not as innovative in the way it is drawn, but good story telling, describing events in a down-to-earth way that fleshes out the history books. Why do you call him far-left? He is more left of center, not an extremist. It is easy to condemn the book without reading it; but if you read it I think you might not be as hard on it.

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