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Sunday, July 26, 2020 

If AT&T doesn't call on DC to fire Tom King after this, they're part of the problem

Tom King, who, last I looked, never apologized for villifying Wally West in the loathsome Heroes in Crisis miniseries, wrote a little screed against one of the cover artists for a Watchmen-affiliated book he's working on, Jae Lee, accusing him of being a Comicsgate supporter:

King sure does quite a job keeping up the dreary cliches, that's for sure. This is a pure disgrace, and practically borders on anti-Asian racism. It's also symbolic of corporate failure to ensure hired hands behave well in their interactions on the internet.

Later on, he posted the following, supposed retraction:

I'm afraid this doesn't sound like much of an apology, if at all. It only sounds like somebody who, despite realizing the PR fiasco he'd created, still harbors resentment for other people contributing to the same companies as he is, for no good reason. Which is probably about what to expect when you have a writer whose only idea of how to characterize his subjects is to make them look like they're suffering trauma, and never be able to experience real joy.

If anybody's wondering what would drive King to this latest insanity, his description at CBR of the Watchmen spinoff he's writing gives quite a clue:
Writer Tom King and artist Jorge Fornés' upcoming Rorschach comic book series is one that places the eponymous Watchmen character in the present day. In the third and most recent issue of DC Connect, King spoke to exactly why he feels the character if Rorschach is perfect for the current sociopolitical climate.

In the issue, King was asked how a character like Rorschach -- "who has really only existed in one time period" (the 1980s) -- has relevance to him in 2020. "Things are crazy right now," the writer replied. "I mean, it's insane; it's driving people insane. And we have to talk about it; we have to try and make things that are as good as all that's bad out there is bad, or else we'll just surrender to it, and who wants to do that, who has the time to do that?
Yup, just another example of anti-Trump metaphors, from somebody who can't keep his biases on the newspaper op-ed pages. One thing that's clear by this point: Watchmen is being exploited by ideologues in modern times for the sake of anti-conservative propaganda and sentiment. No thanks to editors and publishers who can't leave a decidedly overrated concept alone, because it's symbolic of the darkness they actually want to live in.

If AT&T, as current owners of Warner Brothers and DC, make no effort to get rid of King after this latest PR disaster, they've not only confirmed where they stand, they're part and parcel of the problem. This alone is cause for a boycott. It's the same with Disney as owner of Marvel, since King's also written books for them, most notably the dreadful Vision comics. He's proven he's one of the worst leftists in the business with this.

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What right do corporations have to control what independent contractors have to say outside of their job? Leaving aside things like freedom of speech, it would take away from any credibility the writers and artists have if it was known their words were being controlled. Who would respect a writer who allows his words to be controlled by a corporation?

If we're against cancel culture, we have to be against it for everybody. Concentrate on the conservative writers/artists who DC has canceled. DC's hypocrisy and political bias becomes clear then.

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