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Wednesday, July 15, 2020 

Some tweets by Heidi MacDonald

Here's some items written by a faux-journalist in comicdom who was discovered as involved in a "whisper network". For example:

Say, wasn't this the same person who, some weeks ago, told us all to believe victims and women? That sure lasted a short time, as the above makes clear. I guess belief is something that only applies so long as the plaintiff is a leftist who hasn't stepped off the PC plantation. And what vile language MacDonald resorts to, my my. Presumably, if it hadn't been for Rowling's dissent with transgender ideology, MacDonald might not be so hostile, but because Rowling's voiced her opposition, that's what MacDonald's standings hinge on in regards to the UK-based novelist. It reminds me, I also found this article MacDonald wrote for Publisher's Weekly about comicons on hold due to Covid19, and it's stated that:
The larger question of how comics conventions, festivals, and other public events will operate in the future haunts the minds of everyone PW spoke with. The public health issues will remain until thereโ€™s a coronavirus vaccine. And recently renewed allegations of sexual harassment at comic cons means that there will be even more changes when these events are able to operate safely again.
Whether or not there are, she has no business talking about this when she can't put aside her biases and recognize that Rowling's got a right to speak her mind. I think MacDonald might as well stop reading Harry Potter now if she has that much disrespect for a woman's right to privacy, to cite one example, not to mention the right to win scholarships in sports without having poseurs sabotage what they worked hard for. Such a disgrace. She later followed up with this:

What if the poster in question was...a leftist? I mean, there's only so many now who all but try to obscure the past works of many more in comicdom and cartoons, including the resume of Marie Severin, Laurie Sutton, Jeanette Khan and Louise Simonson. But MacDonald hasn't exactly proven she's concerned about that, so I wonder why it's such a big deal to her here. Especially considering she's against Rowling as of now. And might MacDonald kindly tone down the vulgarity a tad, please? It's getting awfully grating at this point.

And, if the politics of a comics reporter matter, MacDonald also wrote the following:

What "right" would that be? Abortion? Why is it such a big deal to get rid of an unborn child, but not transfer it to adoptive parents? And next, look what MacDonald's pointing to:

Look who's using this for some bizarre virtue-signaling point. The same person who denigrated Rowling with a foul-mouthed tweet. What she's trying to say here falls flat as a pancake.

She also promoted somebody with a very fishy background, who seems to have become the next person to write a Muslim Ms. Marvel book as part of a Scholastic project:

When I checked the writer's profile, it says she's "palestinian-American". And we can surely guess of what religious background and political leanings. If anything, this news does demonstrate that Marvel, if they hadn't followed DC's example before with Young Adult adaptations, most certainly are now, the difference being that they're putting the characters created more for leftist propaganda into this project, whereas DC relied primarily on already established ones. And, it further clarifies MacDonald's leftist politics to boot.

So, she doesn't want to buy food from this manufacturer, which is owned by Latino sources, because the CEO dared give his backing to Trump, huh? Well then, she can rest assured Goya Foods isn't going to be too scathed, since the left's reaction has only brought about more customers. And if they're available in Israel, I'll be buying some of their products too.

I think this tells quite a bit about what MSM outlets she considers acceptable, not the least being a radio network flooded with leftist leanings.

What about Bill deBlasio's conduct as mayor of NYC, to name one example? Or the governor of NY state, Andrew Cuomo? How awful is that going to look in history books and journals? MacDonald would do well to take the advice of a letter writer to the Scranton Times-Leader: don't blame Trump for the Covid crisis. If anything, China has to take foremost responsibility for the trouble they caused by allowing it to spread.

We get it, she despises any politician who dares give Trump their backing

Something tells me that, if a Democrat were the incumbent, she wouldn't bother citing Sweden's catastrophous handling of the pandemic. Just more excuses to bash conservatives in the US, that's all she can think of. She doesn't even mention that the Texas governor's already addressed the increase in infections, and could reimpose restrictions in the state.

And that's some examples of what goes on in the mind of a comics "journalist", who hasn't even got much respect for the medium to begin with. Comicdom would be so much better off without people like MacDonald around.

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"MacDonald would do well to take the advice of a letter writer to the Scranton Times-Leader: don't blame Trump for the Covid crisis. If anything, China has to take foremost responsibility for the trouble they caused by allowing it to spread."

It is part of the president's job to anticipate and defend against foreign dangers. It just makes him look pathetic and ineffectual to say it is all the fault of the Chinese. Other Western countries took necessary measures and are getting back on track. America is getting worse. If it is all the fault of China, why is America doing so much worse than other countries? The US is now exporting the virus elsewhere, and Europe and Canada are banning or restricting travel from the US.

"Whether or not there are, she has no business talking about this when she can't put aside her biases and recognize that Rowling's got a right to speak her mind."

This comment is very disturbing on too many levels. First, she is not challenging Rowling's right to speak her mind; she is exercising her own right to disagree with and criticize what Rowling has said. Second of all, by saying that McDonald has no business talking about this unless, you are the one saying McDonald has no right to speak her mind. Unless, it seems, she first puts aside her biases and starts to agree with liberal biases. So much for freedom of speech.

"I mean, there's only so many now who all but try to obscure the past works of many more in comicdom and cartoons, including the resume of Marie Severin, Laurie Sutton, Jeanette Khan and Louise Simonson."

Who on this planet is trying to obscure their work? We want screen captures as proof! Marie Severin was a much-lauded artist who received multiple awards; respect for her only grew after her retirement from full-time work. Simonson is well-remembered and also received multiple awards. Laurie Sutton had a very limited career in comics, but nobody would deny Jenette Kahn's influence (although some people may obscure her memory by misspelling her name!) DC has gone downhill since she and Paul Levitz stopped running the show there.

There are many who would say that there were very few women comics people at the time these people began their careers, and that the industry was dominated by men; but that only highlights their work rather than obscuring it.

"We get it, she despises any politician who dares give Trump their backing"

That is not what she is getting at. She is pointing out that Trump threw an old and loyal supporter, Jeff Sessions, under the bus. Most people who work for Trump in government get used and discarded; Trump is notorious for it, and one of the big reasons why he cannot get competent people to work for him.

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"Who wrote this shit. From Mary Shelley through E. Nesbit, LeGuin, C. L. Moore, and dozens of others." "What if the poster in question was...a leftist?"

Way too many people think of life as choosing sides, rather than thinking for themselves about the issues. But ignorant is ignorant; it wouldn't make a difference to her if the poster was "... a leftist". Most people aren't just one or the other; real people tend to be left on some issues, right-wing on others. And the people who identify as right-wing can't agree with each other on many of the most basic issues; that is why right-wingers in the US insult each other with names like RINO or Trumplican, and why former DINO Trump has tried to take down so many right-wing icons.

Interesting, though, that so many women writers of science fiction and fantasy have used names that don't identify them as women - Nesbit, Moore, Rowling, Norton. Even LeGuin was published in Playboy under only the initials UK LeGuin, rather than her full name, at Playboy's request. The publishers thought an openly-female name would hurt sales.

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