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Saturday, November 14, 2020 

This is what Screen Rant considers "key" details that should be included in the WW sequel film

Screen Rant wrote another of their tedious list columns, and here they cite what they think should be included in Wonder Woman 1984. As expected, there's some very recent retcons on the list, which they believe are "key moments":
It has become a habit of filmmakers to overlook points from the comics that superhero movies are based on. Wonder Woman did a pretty good job of being faithful to the source material, which was one of the reasons why the film worked so well.
We should take a moment to remind everyone that it was faithful to the New52 retcon, where, instead of the original premise where WW was created by enchanted clay by her mother Hyppolyta, she became the daughter of Zeus. Making SR's claim another of their disastrous inaccuracies. Fascinatingly enough, any feminist complaints about the first WW film making use of such a retcon for its origin were muted at best. But then, it's become more than apparent most liberal feminists today otherwise reject the material, since it doesn't represent their worldview. In any event, this retcon is what they believe should continue to be part of the films:
Ever since the first Wonder Woman was released, fan theories have been prevalent over the potential involvement of her siblings somewhere down the line. Since this is the second movie, it’s time for her connections to characters like Jason, Hercules, and Achilles to come forward.

The reason for this is the fact that it’s a pretty glaring plot hole that her siblings haven’t even been seen, especially considering they’re supposed to be vastly powerful as well. Not to mention that Shazam! showed the titular hero having the powers of Achilles and Hercules.
So those 3 figures in Greek mythology must become Diana's siblings just as Zeus becomes her father, huh? Not impressed. The worst part is that, even almost a decade after the dreadful New52 concocted by Dan DiDio, this retcon may still remain in place, though it'll be fortunate if it's no longer the case. All that aside, here's where SR brings up a really awful belief for what should take place in the sequel movie:
The use of lethal force has become downplayed in the DCEU, reserved mostly for hated supporting characters or situations where heroes had no choice. Wonder Woman 1984 should bring back the comic version’s willingness to tap into more violent means, especially considering Maxwell Lord is in the movie.

She had been the one to kill Lord in Wonder Woman (vol. 2) #219, meaning there is a precedent between these characters that can be reflected in the movie as well. This aspect would also make sense with Wonder Woman’s more hardened personality after what happened in the first film.
Wow, I guess that's the next thing that's so important to these politically correct advocates after dark visions, eh? That the stars be "hardened". It's no more appealing than criminals bearing such a description, and this only compounds the perception they don't want a repair job for Lord's presentation, ever.

And whether or not WW 1984 will be released this winter, the political metaphors injected into the sequel script only lessen whatever appeal it supposedly has. I'm certainly not spending my money on that kind of propaganda.

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Agreed. all pc crap will keep me away from dc and marvel comic movies. Ugh. I will see it for 'free" some day in the future. Comics and Marvel Cinematic Universe and anything Disney/marvel is dead to me.

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