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Sunday, December 13, 2020 

The Future State diversity replacement for Bruce Wayne is Lucius Fox's son

The pretentious Polygon's announced that Tim Fox, the son of Wayne Enterprises' CEO Lucius Fox, is going to be the social justice pandering substitute for Bruce Wayne under the Batman cowl in DC's latest overcrowding crossover:
The identity of the star of DC Comics’ Future State: The Next Batman — a book about the bright future of the DC Universe — has remained shrouded in mystery since it was announced in October. But now the comics publisher has pulled back the cowl to reveal Tim Fox, son of Wayne Enterprises CEO Lucius Fox, is the future of Batman.

The news was revealed alongside a new variant cover for Future State: The Next Batman #2, but you could say it’s been teased since August, when writer John Ridley indicated that he’d soon be penning a Batman who was a person of color. Ridley is joined on the book by Nick Derington, Batman-artist extraordinaire.
And they even made sure to spend additional dough on variant covers, I see. At a time when they're losing money on sales, this is what they bank on, despite how obvious it is that variants aren't making big money in the long term. Just trying to make a statement for the sake of "diversity" that was always there, yet was never enough for these phonies.
DC’s Future State event will take over most of its publishing in January and February of 2021, to feature a slate of books imagining a potential future of the DC Universe, from a top notch stable of unexpected writers and artists. But there will still be some places to catch Tim’s Batman after Future State: The Next Batman wraps up. DC says he will also have an appearance in the publisher’s newest incarnation of the Batman: Black & White anthology series, in a story in which Tim will get his own sidekick.
And if Tim's going to get his own black Robin, that just compounds the obvious political drive this whole crossover is built on, further confirming it's not based on merit. So to say the writers and artists are "top notch" when artwork could turn out to be PC, is laughable.

The UK Guardian told the following:
Ridley had previously revealed that the next Batman would be a person of colour, telling the New York Times that it was the first time his two sons had been “genuinely excited” about his work. “They appreciate the things that I do. They’re happy for me. They’re great supporters. But they would much rather see Black Panther than 12 Years a Slave, let’s be honest,” he said in November. “So to be able to write the next Batman, for them to know that this next Batman is going to be black, everybody else on the planet can hate it, have a problem with it, denigrate it, but I have my audience and they already love it.”
I find his statement he doesn't care what anybody else on this planet thinks of the finished product irritating, because that only hints this is little more than a vanity project at most, and again, nothing to do with serious merit that can appeal to a wider audience.

While we're at it, Screen Rant brought up something related to Bat-family members I wish I could appreciate, since it involves marriage of 2 notable members who've loved each other in the past, but DC's done only so much you can be sure they'll ruin even this much:
In the latest one-shot from DC Comics for Dark Nights: Death Metal, the heroes and villains of the DC Universe have joined forces, preparing for what may very well be their final battle against the Darkest Knight and his newly birthed Dark Multiverse. While some are doing all they can to prepare for the end, others are saying things left unsaid, as they might not get another chance to do so come the dawn. Nightwing falls into this latter category, finally getting married to Batgirl (although there is a catch).

[...]Batman marries the two of them right there on the spot with no sort of flowing words or ceremony, and Red Hood serving as the singular witness. Suddenly, Nightwing and Batgirl have become man and wife in DC Comics. Given the circumstances, this amazing twist adds some entertaining dynamics--not just for the happy couple, but also for Death Metal at large. After being married by Batman in the most "Batman" way possible, Dick and Barbara are glad that they have the night to be husband and wife, though they both agree that if they survive tomorrow's massive conflict that their marriage will be void and annulled. If they both live, Dick will then get the opportunity to truly try and win Barbara back, and perhaps propose for real one day.

With the odds of success being so low, and things looking so dire with the coming dawn in Dark Nights: Death Metal, it's truly awesome to see two characters not just fight for love, but with love and hope as well. Regardless of whether or not the DC's heroes and villains win the day and restore the multiverse, at least Nightwing and Batgirl are married for the night, but also carry hope for the future if they indeed live to see the day after tomorrow in DC Comics.
A catch, you say? And they may not even be married long? Well that figures when you have such awful people now in charge of editorial, who glue themselves to political correctness and would rather avoid seriously experimenting with marriage, supposedly because they don't want to get into the matter of divorce, even though it's been explored in comicdom before, and sometimes written well enough.

It's clear that, as DC may be reaching the end of the line, they're only keeping on with political correctness and in doing so, making everything as pedestrian as they can. Above all, this being a crossover based on the notion everyone should care about the costume instead of the character wearing it is why people should avoid these stories regardless.

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Black Batman and other books I won't be reading. At this point, DC Comics can't die fast enough, because this getting embarrassing.

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