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Monday, May 24, 2021 

Jim Zub communicates with somebody most reprehensible

I don't think Zub is the worst creator working in comicdom today, if only because he does usually avoid the denigrating approach used by people like Dan Slott. But even so, I don't think he should be conversing as he did with the following: So it seems he wrote a reply to Saladin Ahmed, the book writer who of recent has gotten writing assignments in comics, and who's written anti-Israel statements at times. First, even if Zub doesn't share the same thoughts as Ahmed does, the former's still running the gauntlet of providing the latter with legitimacy by merely highlighting something he says. And that's not reflecting well on somebody who, as seen in the following... ...pointlessly sought an excuse to attack Comicsgate a year earlier, to say nothing of causing more trouble for Dynamite's publisher than it was worth, all because he was originally willing to provide a Comicsgate supporter with the opportunity to draw a variant cover for a Red Sonja/Vampirella issue. Zub may not have mentioned Comicsgate for about a year already, but does he realize what this communication with such a disgraceful author like Ahmed could do if any pro-Israeli movements took notice? Above all, does Zub realize this could put his alleged respect for Stan Lee under a question mark? It goes without saying that at this point, I don't take kindly to people who say they love Stan the Man, and then proceed with an ignorant approach to people who're against his ethnicity. And while we're on the subject, Ahmed recently posted the following monstrosity: So he's demonizing right-wing Israelis/Zionists using an animated sequence with an Israeli flag tacked on. I noticed that replies to the post were limited only to people Ahmed approved of, confirming he really does know how offensive this is. Does Zub comprehend that?

Another problem I have with the post involving Batman and Harley Quinn is how, on the one hand, the Masked Manhunter's being insulted as "humorless", as though that's a status quo he simply must be kept in, and on the other, we have another example of HQ's overemphasis, based on how she's a villainess who, if judged by any past killings she committed, doesn't make a particularly good example for emphasis unless all her worst deeds could be retconned away effectively. Say, I just remembered: HQ was originally written with a Jewish background? One more reason I don't think Zub should be responding to Ahmed with such a shoddy example. Seriously. It just provides Ahmed with something he'd actually find acceptable. This whole villain business is not a good example.

If Zub really doesn't want anybody to think he's slighting the memory of Stan the Man by coming within even miles of associating with reprehensible people like Ahmed, he'll do well to cease all conversations with him in the forseeable future. Zub may not have intended to insult sensible people's intellects, but that's what he's doing by speaking to Ahmed. "Diplomacy" is no excuse either.

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Just what the world needs: less dialogue, more cancel culture. Why shouldn't two professionals continue to communicate about their work despite differing views about politics?

What about "consequence culture", why can't we have more of that?

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