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Thursday, September 09, 2021 

Superman gets sent off to "Warworld", and what if it's forever?

Here's SyFy Wire talking about just what more uninspiring directions they're putting the Superman franchise through, as they now embarrass it with a son of Kal-El who's being turned homosexual for the sake more publicity stunts lasting only 15 minutes (anyone notice that the Robin retcon's largely off the headlines now?):
Earlier this year, DC Comics made headlines when the publisher announced that its main Superman title would be transformed into Superman: Son of Kal-El, and that Clark Kent's son Jon would take his father's place as the Superman of Earth. It's a story that was teased out by DC's Future State event that has since taken on a larger life, but it's only part of the bigger Superman picture.

In the pages of Action Comics, writer Phillip Kennedy Johnson has been telling the story of why Clark Kent made the hard choice to leave Earth behind in the first place, and in this month's Action Comics #1035, it all comes to a head.

For the past several months since taking the title over from Brian Michael Bendis, Johnson -- who helped lay the foundation for this shift with Future State titles like Superman: Worlds of War and Superman: The House of El -- has been crafting "Warworld Rising" alongside artists like Daniel Sampere and Sami Basri. In that story so far, readers have seen what happens when Superman discovers what appears to be a long-lost Kryptonian colony of aliens calling themselves the Phaelosians, who've fallen into slavery on Warworld under the iron fist of a new, deadlier incarnation of Mongul.

As he learns more about the Phaelosians and their connection to Krypton, and as a fragment from their ship wreaks havoc on Earth, Superman grows more and more concerned about Warworld's place in the universe and his own place as a protector of life and freedom everywhere. It all builds to Action Comics #1035, when he must choose between his Earthly duties and his larger responsibility to Mongul's captives.
So Superman's going to be sent off to this otherworldly universe, while a son who wasn't depicted as homosexual when he first appeared takes over most of the franchise, all so the despicable editors can force an abnormal vision onto the Super-books, and as has been noted by Ethan van Sciver, so the publisher can find a way to avoid paying the Siegel/Shuster estates more residuals. Well that's pretty grotesque conduct alright. It reminds me that nearly a decade ago, the estates lost a lawsuit to get more control over their forefathers' creation, and at this point, it's clear their wish to gain more control was just. This case also serves as a lesson that, when you see a publisher suddenly and seemingly decide to shed a hero's secret ID today, as occurred briefly with Spider-Man over a decade ago in Civil War, it means they're going in a very tasteless direction, and what's happening with Superman now is just a sample.

Oddly enough, Polygon didn't seem to like where this is going, with Jon taking up a dreadful disguise:
DC Comics is shaking up the world of Superman, with Clark about to get trapped in an extended adventure on the gladiatorial Warworld. Who is going to take care of Earth in the meantime? The duty will fall to his son, Jon Kent, but Jon is still figuring out what it means to live up to his dad’s very big boots.

This week, he experimented with the idea of having a secret identity. Or, to put it another way, he experimented with looking absolutely obnoxious. Now, a white windbreaker and jeans is not the worst thing a person could put on. But a floppy blond wig, Jon? The sunglasses? Driving a giant red jeep to school?

Trying to pull off the name Finn Connors? [...]

The good news is that “Finn Connors” was just a fakeout on the part of writer Tom Taylor and artist John Timms, and in the first 10 minutes of his first day of school Jon had to spring into super-action and blow his cover. Honestly, Jon, I think this is for the best.

Please burn that wig.
If this is supposed to be a parody of the time when Silver Age Supergirl could wear a dark-colored wig when she first debuted in 1959, it's insulting in the extreme. All that aside, they certainly jump through a lot of hoops to justify making the character intended to serve their PC positions the would-be defender of earth, and not Supergirl, or even the Connor Kent Superboy. Whatever comedy they supposedly intended with the son's wig is not registering. Mainly because, if making a political statement is their intention, it drains away any impact this might've had otherwise.

All that aside, the way things have been handled so far is exactly why, while a marriage between Clark and Lois can work well enough, in the long run, their having children clearly doesn't, because look how these kids end up being forcibly aged forward just so they can justify a subsequent baton-passing that's no longer working as PC social justice pandering becomes the order of the day. No wonder I must conclude that, among the botched ideas DC's concocted over the past 2 decades, even these offspring of established super-couples is something that would be best to jettison. Child-bearing only really works if you're aiming for a finite end to the adventures of the superheroes in question.

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