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Saturday, February 05, 2022 

Some screencaps of Neil Gaiman's political favoratisms

As some probably are aware, would-be auteur and Sandman scripter Gaiman is quite a leftist, and I recently took pictures of some politically motivated retweets he did on his Twitter account, as seen below:
Oh my, it would seem our old friend Gaiman is signaling support for a region governed by Hamas, whose dark forces fired rockets and such at Israeli targets, and during that time, there was vandalism and assault committed against Israeli targets within cities like Lod, and a restaurant was burned down in Acre, but Gaiman only cares about the Islamists and their businesses, not those of Israelis? Tsk tsk. And then:
And here, it would seem Gaiman's casting his vote in favor of transsexuality propaganda, acting as though transphobia is infinitely more serious a worry than antisemitism, and refusing to recognize it's unpopular with the general populace, and has practically ruined California, along with the lives of various people who came to regret it. This kind of leftist mindset isn't helpful either. And next:
Here is the article Gaiman was pointing to from leftist Bleeding Cool, where it says:
Polk County in Florida is the latest to be subject to banning of the critically acclaimed bestselling graphic novels from schools, part of a series of such exclusions in recent years that Bleeding Cool has covered. Polk County Public Schools Superintendent Frederick Heid has asked middle and high school librarians to remove 16 books from schools for a review, after receiving complaints about the books from the activist group County Citizens Defending Freedom. And they include Drama by Raina Telgemeier, one of the bestselling graphic novels of recent times, from 35 locations. The graphic novel is a coming-of-age story involving the crew of a middle school musical has won both praise and criticism for its LGBTQ portrayal. My youngest has a copy on her bookshelf along with all of Raina's works.
Really? What a sad head-shaker. Yet this is what certain segments of leftism are encouraging kids to read, no matter how poor an influence it really is. And then you wonder in addition how marriage between men and women is being destroyed. And from the looks of things, even the CBLDF, the same outfit once managed by the disgraced Charles Brownstein, has been casting their support for stuff like this. If Gaiman and company don't respect parents who find this distasteful, that's a good reason for said parents to avoid financing his books. Let's be clear. Unlike the case with Art Spiegelman's Maus, this topic with Telgemeier's comics is ideologically based, and is not the same thing, so if Gaiman's trying to use such issues as an excuse for pushing bad influences upon children's education, that's shameful. What next, will he complain if his Sandman series is barred from school liberaries due to the violent content?

No wonder I became discouraged from buying any more of his Sandman series than I once owned. Besides, as I once argued before, I don't think Gaiman was doing the right thing to put Infinity Inc's Lyta Hall in such a cesspool of storytelling.

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