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Sunday, March 20, 2022 

New Hulk miniseries depicts Hercules as Maestro

According to this short, superficial Valdosta Daily Times item, about another return Peter David's made to a series he was most famous for writing during 1987-98:
"Maestro: Symphony in a Gamma Key" kicks off the storyline. Artist Dale Keown returns to boldly illustrate this miniseries, too.

Bruce/Hulk has been held in stasis for decades. He's aged. The world has changed. But he doesn't know it until he escapes due to a glitch in the system. He awakes to discover the United States, or at least a big chunk of it, is ruled by the Maestro ... which in this case is not him but Hercules.
Well, it's not like David ever refrained from succumbing to PC sensationalism in the time since Marvel went downhill after Joe Quesada took over as EIC. Why must the MCU's take on the Greek deity of strength be put in a role where he's got no humor potential, like his role in the Avengers had room for? Simply put, because humor's a thing of the past for such PC advocates, unless it all adheres to their absurd idea of what makes legitimate "humor" instead.
David seems to have fun with this return to future Hulk world. And if readers enjoy "Symphony in a Gamma Key" (all five issues now collected in one volume), there are two other storylines to pick up.

"Maestro: War and Pax," the second miniseries, has already been released and collected in full in one edition. The first issue of the third and final miniseries of the trilogy, "Maestro: World War M," has been released with the other issues scheduled for release in the months to come.
And look at that, they're dredging up the premise of "World War Hulk" from over a decade ago, and alluding to Brian Bendis' awful House of M to boot. This only hints it could be more dreadful than expected.

The paper also posted this brief about a Savage Avengers storyline, which may have already been paperbacked pretty fast, and co-stars Conan, in a crossover with the MCU proper:
The premise: A Hyborean Age sorcerer has appeared in the modern Marvel Universe but so has the man who killed him 12,000 years earlier.

Conan the Barbarian is that man and he fights side by side with Wolverine, the Punisher, Dr. Strange, Dr. Doom and others during the two-year run of "Savage Avengers."
Here, one can only wonder why a villain like Doctor Doom's on the side of the good guys. Answer: because who are these awful writers and editors to care for logic and morale? Oh, and look who the artist was:
Gerry Duggan has written this epic, with plenty of adventurous and often darkly comic interludes, for its two-year-plus run.

He and artist Patch Zircher bring the "Savage Avengers" epic home in a satisfying way while leaving the door open to the possibility of other Conan tales in the regular Marvel Universe.

Meanwhile, Conan is appearing in another Marvel Comic set in his own era, "King Conan."
Which, as noted earlier, has fallen victim to PC mighty quick under Jason Aaron. The talk of darkness has ceased to amuse me long ago, based on how these phonies think, and Zircher's such a leftist, seeing his name on a title like this is simply discouraging. Mainly because artists can also be influential on the writing, so there's every chance Zircher was in just such a position on this title too, for the worse. In any case, the mere mention of Dr. Doom working alongside the good guys was enough of a hint something's wrong with this book, so it's best to skip it.

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That miniseries came out 2 years ago

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