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Tuesday, March 01, 2022 

What a comics writer of Ukranian descent is saying following Russia's invasion

It was a very sad month last February where Vladimir Putin made clear he's a man of evil intent, and invaded Ukraine, all while most western politicians initially stood by and did nothing proper to prevent the disaster now befallen upon the country (only now are some providing Ukraine with weapons for battle). Here's a topic written by Jim Zub, who's got Ukranian ancestry, and what he thinks or says: Well I'm certainly sorry descendants of Ukraine have to experience this as much as the locals back in eastern Europe. But, this is why I hope Zub realizes no country, not even Canada, is immune to horrific acts like abuse of authority and totalitarian behavior, considering how, at least initially, Justin Trudeau reacted to the Freedom Convoy, which only wanted Covid19 restrictions lifted for everyone. To make matters worse, Canadian police in Ottawa even hurt a woman of Indian descent, among others. Is Zub aware, and have any concern over that? Why, realizing that Zub is apparently leftist himself, is he aware Putin's a product of socialist mentality, an ideology that's largely associated with and advocated by leftists? He noticeably doesn't get into how many schools like these are run by leftists who're serving as apologists for the ideologies Putin represents, and that's decidedly puzzling too. How can you speak out effectively against communism if you won't examine the root causes and how they're brought about?

Another comics writer who's commented on the Russian invasion of Ukraine is Jody Houser: Well I'd sure like to know if Ms. Houser, who's quite the leftist herself, realizes the liberal ideology she's going by has some responsibility to shoulder for this, right down to the socialist component, and hope she doesn't approve of how it's indoctrinated in schools. Failure to consider that is exactly what brings about tragedies like Putin's tyranny in the first place.

Another writer who's spoken about the Ukranian crisis is Neil Gaiman: How interesting he's willing to take this position, considering the side he took when it came to the Hamas jihadists attacking Israel from the Gaza strip last year. In which case, why should we assume at face value Gaiman actually cares?

Then, there's the artist Mark Brooks: I'll give him credit for this: he's against Russia here. But if he too is a leftist, then one has to wonder how altruistic he's being, considering back in the USA, the Democrats are pushing policies that're destroying the country. As of today, the USA is in such awful shape, it wouldn't be able to lead the way if World War 3 breaks out.

In addition to the above examples, the following news from CBR came up, telling how Archie once canned a story set in Russia, because they took offense at Putin's anti-LGBT stance circa 2013, where he drafted a law against the practice. And artist/writer Dan Parent sure acted very boasty and gushy when he spoke about his oh-so important, politically motivated creation, Kevin Keller:
The law drew criticism from all over the world and also led to a number of boycotts of Russia from companies over the law. Interestingly, one of the areas where Russia was "boycotted" was in none other than the pages of Archie Comics.

Archie comic book writer and artist, Dan Parent, is perhaps best known for creating Archie Comics' first openly gay character, Kevin Keller, in 2010's Veronica #202....

In a Comics Alliance interview, Parent recalled the creation of Keller, "When Jon Goldwater came aboard five years ago, we were looking to diversify Archie a little bit more. We were looking too white bread and we needed to add more characters.

I had suggested bringing in a gay character a few years before, and it was nixed quickly, but Jon wanted new characters. When I suggested Kevin Keller, he was in. He told me to design a story and the characters and to go for it. And the character took off. People were ready to meet Kevin Keller. He’s one of the main Archie characters now, and has been embraced by everyone. Not just LGBT people, but everyone. Kids love Kevin. There was some backlash from some conservative groups, but we followed our instincts and hearts and were smart to do that. People have embraced him."
From a modern perspective, viewed in context of recent occurances in Europe, one could say Parent cares far more about creating LGBT characters than Ukranian characters after reading this galling gush, drawing from what was one of the most repellent comic sites of the 2000s. And here's where that moonbat of an artist confirmed he was boycotting Russia simply over their stance on homosexuality:
When the website asked him whether he supported the boycotts against Russia, Parent agreed and went a step further, explaining, “Yes. Russia should be boycotted, so much so that actually in an upcoming special four issue story arch I’m writing the Archie gang are going to take a world tour to four countries. Russia was to be one of them. But they’re not going there now. They just can’t and they won’t. They love and support Kevin.”
They may love Keller, but that doesn't mean the love the characterization heaped upon him. Parent is clearly so full of himself. I don't know if Archie's editors ever planned stories set in Muslim countries, but do Parent and company have any issues with the Islamic world's negative stance on LGBT ideology? Putin is a bad lot, as his invasion of Ukraine proves, but to take issue with Russia over an unhealthy ideological practice that's advocated for rejecting relations with the opposite sex is awfully cheap, and besides, the Islamic world does much worse in this regard. Indeed, where does somebody like Parent stand on that? If he's got no issue with Islam's much more barbaric approach, his misgivings against Russia ring hollow.

And after all this news about Russia's invasion into Ukraine, what are the chances the comics industry will develop any stories alluding to it? Will any specialty news writers even make a call urging development? I get the sad feeling that for now, chances are very slim to none. After all, there's only so many bad leftists running these outfits, and since socialism they don't really oppose, that's why we may not see anything convincing, metaphorical or otherwise, being produced by major comics publishers and notable writers.

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