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Tuesday, May 31, 2022 

Batman: Fortress depicts the Masked Manhunter ignoring Antifa and BLM rioters

Bounding Into Comics describes the latest Batman special, which is one of the most heavily politicized stories DC's sent to press lately, proving how bad Marie Javins truly is as an editor:
Batman’s first stop is to a rooftop overlooking an electronics store that is being looted with neighboring buildings, some of them appearing to be apartments, being set on fire. The rioters are even shown waving blunt objects in the air.

Batman rationalizes that he shouldn’t put a stop to the rioters because there are more than likely bigger fish to catch out in Gotham City, despite having no knowledge of where these big fish might be
, given the power and communication black outs.

Whitta writes Batman’s interior monologue, “Haven’t seen a night like this in a while. Last time it was this bad was with that damn fear gas in the water supply. Only so much I can do. Need to prioritize. Hunt the big fish. Protect the little fish.”

“These places all have insurance. Not my job to protect their profit margins. In my father’s day, the American Dream used to mean something. An honest wage for honest work. Food on the table. Liberty and justice for all. Now it’s an illusion, a carrot on a stick, attainable by a few, dangled just out of reach for everyone else.”

“A bigger TV. A faster car. Shiny objects to keep the masses distracted, while the world burns. You want to blame them for grabbing the carrot when the lights go out? Go ahead. But don’t look to me to stop them. That’s not why I do this,” he concludes.
This has got to be some of the dumbest dialogue I've seen attached to the Masked Manhunter since Identity Crisis attached an awfully stupid line to his narrative thinking. And it's made worse when viewed within the context of whether there could be civilians trapped in buildings burned down by the mobs:
However, the comic also depicts the crimes being committed by the Antifa and Black Lives Matter-like mob as worse or could be arguably worse than the crimes committed by Joker and Penguin. The mob isn’t just looting an electronics store, it appears to be burning down apartment buildings too. It’s also unclear if there’s any staff in the building that have already been brutalized by the mob.

Penguin is attempting to murder one woman and Joker has a bus full of kids. How many women and kids are in these apartment buildings that the mob is burning down?
So according to the story's narrative, only supervillains like Penguin and Joker qualify for battling, while the Antifa-style mobs are to be ignored, presumably because they're "civilian" themselves? This is sick as it's illogical.

To make matters worse, yet not unexpected, the book's writer, Gary Whitta, has defended his angle for Batman's conduct, with all the expected blatancy, including the following double-standard:
Not only that, his decision also shows that he’s a hypocrite as earlier in the issue, Bruce Wayne and Alfred defended Wayne Manor from a couple of thieves who believed the home to be empty and decided to do some looting of their on.

Whitta defended this depraved and hypocritical depiction of Batman on Twitter writing, “Any negative review I get from a right-wing critic who can’t stomach the thought that Bruce Wayne might have a social conscience goes into my positive review file.”

He added, “Thanks for this!”

Whitta would also add, “I honestly didn’t expect it to be that controversial but some readers *really* didn’t like the choice Batman made in Fortress #1 to pass up putting a beatdown on people stealing big-screen TVs and saving a busload of kidnapped schoolchildren instead. Telling…”

Whitta’s dismissal of the criticism as being unable to “stomach the thought that Bruce Wayne might have a social conscience” is an outright lie given the entire criticism is that Bruce Wayne would actually stop people from committing crime.

Not only is it a lie, it’s a projection because the criticism is that he removed the social conscience from Bruce Wayne by having him flee from rampaging criminals that are burning down the city putting people’s lives at risk

If Bruce Wayne truly had a social conscience, he wouldn’t leave innocent civilians to the whims of a bloodthirsty, angry, fire-bomb throwing mob.

Even if you remove the fact that these Antifa style rioters are roaming the streets with blunt weapons and have fire bombed a number of buildings, Whitta depicted Batman as defending his own home from theft earlier in the issue, why would he randomly approve of it when they are stealing from someone else?

It makes absolutely no sense. He wouldn’t be endorsing theft, looting, and rioting while at the same defending his own home from theft.
Sadly, this kind of politicized writing was bound to happen, and lest we forget, even under previous editor/publisher Dan DiDio, some of this was already turning up. I hope serious Bat-fans who haven't dropped the franchise titles yet will do so now. This is some of the most shamelessly political stuff DC could've put out, and has to be boycotted.

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