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Thursday, October 27, 2022 

Henry Cavill's returning to the Man of Steel movie role

And some way to make it known in the first place, based upon the Superman cameo in Black Adam movie starring Dwayne Johnson. The Hollywood Reporter's covered the announcement by Cavill:
After years of speculation, Henry Cavill is making it official: He is back as Superman.

The actor shared a video confirming his commitment to play the DC hero in future films after returning for the mid-credits scene in Black Adam, which was released over the weekend and marked his first time in the role since 2017’s Justice League.
And it's bound to be at least a decade since the 2013 movie by the time it's released. And here's the surprise for the moment, when Cavill says he awaits doing a story with a "joyful" Superman. But first, what's this:
Cavill was first cast as Superman for Man of Steel, directed by franchise architect Zack Snyder. The DC Universe has gone through seismic shifts since then. Warner Bros. is under new leadership, with Guardians of the Galaxy and The Suicide Squad filmmaker James Gunn and producer Peter Safran named to the top posts at DC under the newly launched DC Studios that will be home to Cavill’s future Superman outings.

Cavill responded to Gunn’s hiring, by noting he is “very excited about that” and joked of rumors that he would join Marvel’s Loki that if Gunn could jump back and forth between Marvel and DC, then perhaps he could do.
He's looking forward to employment of the film director who made offensive comments on Twitter about sexual violence? Well, this is surely saying something. It may be possible to redeem oneself from such an embarrassment, but that doesn't mean Cavill shouldn't address that honestly. Besides, it's possible Gunn's credit as director on the 2nd Suicide Squad film discouraged people from seeing a movie that was affected by wokeism. And then, what does Cavill say about plans for a Man of Steel sequel?
Said the actor: “There is such a bright future ahead for the character, and I’m so excited to tell a story with an enormously joyful Superman.”
Well Cavill sure has soured the announcements with his sugarcoated welcome for Gunn to the staff that's dealing with comic films at WB. If it hadn't been for that, it might've been a lot more encouraging to read about the possibility the filmmakers involved are willing this time to move away from the pessimistic angle of previous entries from the past decade, and assure everyone they don't think darkness is the answer to everything. Yet what if in the end, it turns out what Cavill suggests isn't the case? Then they'll be guilty of deception.

In related news, Giant Freakin' Robot spoke about a new animated film, Battle of the Super-sons, where the American Way slogan turns up, although that alone doesn't guarantee the comics proper will restore it:
DC Comics has issued a course correction (of sorts) in its depiction of Superman, a year after it changed Superman’s motto from “Truth, Justice, and the American Way” to “Truth, Justice, and a Better Tomorrow.” A new DC animated film, Batman and Superman: Battle of the Super Sons, has reportedly restored the motto, as it is uttered by Superman himself in a scene. The motto change ignited a controversy among fans, who argued that the Superman mythos should adhere to a “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” rule, and should not be swayed by current political and social trends, according to a report by Bounding Into Comics.

In the scene, in which Clark has revealed his true identity to his son Jonathan, he explains to him what it means to be a hero. “My job, my real job, is helping the world,” he tells him, as he flies through the clouds with Jon on his back. “Standing for truth, justice, and the American way, wherever that takes me.”
Certainly, it's great news on its own terms to know the catchphrase was retained by the animators, and the higher echelons didn't impose a forbidding mandate against it. But does this confirm they're climbing off the high horse back in the comics division? Of course not, and a cartoon's no substitute. GFR even admits as much:
However, the use of the old slogan in a single animate production does not indicate a full change in direction in how DC treats the character. In fact, the new phrase is likely to remain as well, as DC Comics chief Jim Lee endorsed the change last year, but it seems like DC is conceding that fans like tradition. The return of Henry Cavill to the role of Superman in Black Adam may be part of a company-wide attempt to win back those fans, but that doesn’t mean the changes are permanent.
Now there's an observation to consider. One cartoon alone doesn't verify anything, and since the comics are currently undergoing even worse mandates than the animated films (let's not forget what Tom Taylor and Marie Javins did to Jonathan this past year or so, which can tarnish the cartoons regardless of what phrases they use), that's why it's the comics where it matters most. But it also matters that such awful, politically motivated people still remain in jobs they don't deserve, and DC shouldn't belong to a conglomerate any more than Marvel does.

So while the news of the American Way slogan turning up in a single cartoon may sound great in itself, that doesn't mean the comics will be rescued so easily.

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